Bink International Charity has made donations to asylum seekers

In celebration of Juneteenth, Bink International Charity distributed care packages to Asylum Seekers in the Bronx.

Each care package contains an American Towel, an 8 oz Colgate Toothpaste, a Toothbrush and a perfume. A total of eighty-eight (88) families were served. Bink International Charity also invited other organizations to help support these families.

Bintou Kone

Metroplus Health, a longtime partner of Bink International Charity was also present to provide health insurance and goodies to the people. The Yerman Attorneys Law provided free legal consultation to them and last but not least, the Burkinabe In Action organization made a monitory contribution which was used to provide pizza and drink to the families.

The event took place in a hotel used as a shelter in the Bronx. This event was meant to welcome these asylum seekers in America. Recently, there is a huge influx of asylum seekers and refugees in America from the Southern border of Texas, and Bink International Charity wants to support these people by giving them the basic things they need. 

“We want to be part of the movement and want to let these people know that they are welcome here in America. We are all New Yorkers and have to support and be there for one another to build a better, stronger and united New York,” Bintou Kone, the president of Bink International Charity, said.

 “Today is Freedom Day, the perfect opportunity to positively impact other people lives.”

The event took place from 1PM to 3PM and wasn’t open to the public to protect the privacy of the families. The population served was predominantly Hispanic.   

 “We are so grateful to have Bink International Charity, which has organized this event for us,” One beneficiary said.

“We have many resources at the event including health insurance and free legal consultation.  We had good food, drinks and a lot of goodies and hygiene products; We feel blessed, and these organizations welcomed us with open arms,” Another beneficiary added. 

Big thank you to the Bronx Borough President Office for the partnership, collaboration and continuous support. Bink International Charity also wants to thank all its supporters and partners. This event was successful because of each one of you.