Africa Day was  celebrated at the City Hall, NYC

The council chambers have organized on May 30, 2023, at City Hall the Africa Day, the annual commemoration of the foundation of the African Union.

Several people from Brooklyn, the Bronx,  and Manhattan have come together to celebrate the foundation of the African Union, which is commemorated its 60th anniversary.  

Adrienne E. Adams

“ The foundation of the African Union was a break from the colonization,” the New York City Council Speaker Adrienne E. Adams said.  She reminded everyone that Africa is the cradle of civilization. “ We have to honor our motherland who gave birth to women and men,” she added.

Africa Day is going beyond a simple celebration of an anniversary. It is also about African Culture. “ We are part of keeping our culture alive,” said Althea Stevens the New York City council member, district 16 Bronx that has the largest west African community in New York.

Christelle N. Onwu

“ This is a monumental day,” said Christelle N. Onwu the lead advisor for  African communities, New York City commission on human rights. The city human rights law prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, on race, immigration or citizenship status, disability, pregnancy ,etc.

Althea Stevens

Ms. Onwu  said that African community continues  to contribute in different ways for the development of the city. “ I am very excited about it,” she said.

Africa Day is also a time to honor some people and organizations for their outstanding work for the community.  Amy Andrieux, Musu Drammeh, Hunters O, Samuel Nkama, Salieu Suso, Okenfe Lebarty, and African Communities Together were indeed honored and received citations.Ghana Wuza Wuza Dance group

“ This is the first time Africa Day is happening here,” said Ms. Adrienne. Rendezvous was taken for next year.

Bazona B. Bado

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