African Diaspora for Biden : A political movement to negotiate and to vote

African Diaspora for Biden has held in April 26, 2020 a teleconference meeting  to lay out a strategy for the election of the democrat candidate Joe Biden and to address their preoccupations to one of Biden surrogates. 

A thousand of  people  from the 50 states of the United States of America   have attended that very first meeting with a bold commitment not only to make their voices heard but also to support Joe Biden.

“This meeting is about to put our fate in our own hand,” said Chijike Ndukwu one of the initiators of the meeting. “Africans contribute a lot to this country, the only thing we do not have is a political power, a possibility to have a seat,” he added as he enumerated some statics showing how much Africans have been devoted to the United States of America.

African Diaspora for Biden is indeed a political movement initiated by African Diaspora leaders from the 50 states of the United States of America.  “This is the first time we have a voting bloc, “ Honorable Ugo Nwaokoro said. “ Africans are going to negotiate,” he added. In other words, ”we vote for you and we will be part of the discussions, especially as it pertains to African issues”.

“ This is a very important movement, “   Her Excellency Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao  former African Union’s ambassador to the United States said. For Ambassador Arikana “ our lack of participation in political process let us behind.” For that reason, she has called  for unity. “ Let’s put division behind us,” she said. “ We are not doing for ourselves but for our children.”

Mr. Jake who is one of Biden campaign surrogates said that if Africans put Biden in the White House then they have a friend. He said that Biden travelled to Africa, that he worked with African leaders on subjects such as environment and climate change. “ He wants to strength U.S relationship and would never demonize other countries,” Mr. Jake  said.  

  “Biden is a man of principles,”  said  Ambassador Arikana who has invited people to watch a video of Biden in 1986  defending before the congress Blacks in South Africa during apartheid.

“We are committed to support Biden to the finish line,” she said.

That meeting was an opportunity for Africans diaspora leaders to ask  Mr. Jake questions that stick in their mind. Those questions were related to security, debt repayment amid covid – 19, and elections in Africa.

Mr. Jake said he will make sure those questions will reach out Biden for adequate responses.

The attendees agree that this  is a political dream that cannot come true if we do not participate in the census and get to vote. They urge everyone to get counted.

A website of African Diaspora for Biden will allow soon everybody to register as a member and more information regarding the movement will be posted.

Bazona Barnabe Bado



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