African Advisory Council Cup Final: Gambia beat Benin 3 – 0

The final of the African Advisory Council Cup was played on Saturday, May 18, 2024, in New York at Macomb Dam Park in the Bronx.

The kickoff of the competition started on May 4 with 16 teams. The final was on Saturday, May 17, 2024, and   pitted the Gambia team against Benin.

The Gambians wore white jerseys and the Beninese yellow. It is 4:38 p.m. when the referee kicks off.  From the start of the game, the Gambians were more decisive.  They missed their first goal opportunity in the 25th minute.  The Beninese who were nonchalant woke up after the Gambians missed to score a goal. Four minutes later they also missed an opportunity to score the very first goal of the game. 

The referee blows the whistle for half-time. Gambia 0 – Benin 0.

When the game restarted, the Gambians were more decisive and showed a fierce desire to win. They scored the very first goal in the 10th minutes after half-time. The fans applaud. They had not yet finished showing their joy when a second goal 3 minutes later after the first one made them explode with joy again.

The Gambians will put pressure on the Beninese and vice versa. The game seems equal on both sides.  But it was a misunderstanding of the Gambians who will change tactics and surprise the Beninese by scoring the 3rd goal about twenty minutes later. The carrots seem to be cooked for the Beninese. 

The game ended with the victory of Gambians. Gambia 3 – Benin 0.

The Gambians are indeed the winners of the fourteenth edition of the African Advisory Council Cup under the presidency of Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson who gave them the cup after the parade that took place on Sunday, May 19, 2024, in the Bronx at Mosholu Parkway. 

The small final opposed the Ghana team and the Cameroon team. It was the Cameroonians who won against the Ghanaians by scoring by 1 goal to 0.

 Ambroise Ngande has been supervising this cup since its creation, “There are no winners or losers. It was unity that won,” he said, “We all won this cup, “said Sidiki Donzo, the Chairman of the African Advisory Council,  





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