African Community supports Ydanis Rodriguez as candidate for Congress Member

A  Council member who has been championing for several years for the minority groups is running now to be a Congress member as African community stands for him.  

Ydanis Rodriguez who represents the 10th Council District for 11 years, has had a zoom conference on May 31, 2020 with African leaders in the Bronx to talk about his program as candidate for a congress member, and ask for their support.   

The meeting was moderated by Mohammed Mardah  the Chairman of  African Advisory Council ( AAC) who said that Mr. Ydanis has been advocating for mamy many years for all community groups.

“As a teacher, as an organizer, as a council member, as an immigrant, I have been there with African community,” Mr. Ydanis said.

Ambroise Ngande and Boureima Niambele as well as many other leaders said it is a good sign to have that conversation and to be part of the process and not aside of  the process. “It is very important to connect ourselves with the Congress people,” they said.  They also wanted to make sure what will be the expectations in both side.

“ I will be the first African in the Congress; You will be in my home; I will take this opportunity to connect not myself but to build bridges in the society we have been today,” said Mr. Ydanis if elected as Congress member. He  also envisions a society where “ the white privilege is put aside”  and he will “focus the energy in leadership to fight against poverty.”  He has also pointed out  the issue of feeling unsafe for  a black , a latino, an african, a poor person in today society. “ We do not know if they will be safe by the time they go to school and when they come back home,” he added.

Mr. Ydanis was born and raised in Dominican Republic and then moved to New York. “ When I came here I worked washing dishes, working as a taxi driver, and working in a factory,” he said. He then attended City College. As a Council member, he represents  the 10th Council District which includes the neighborhoods of Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill.

Volunteer opportunities are available for anyone who wants to do so. 

“This man will make all of us proud,” African leaders said. “If we support Ydanis today, Ydanis will support us tomorrow, we are on a good hand.”

Read more about Mr. Ydanis here:

Bazona Barnabe Bado   

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