African Health Awareness Day: How and where to get medication or vaccination to prevent malaria

African Health Awareness Day was held on September 26, 2022, in the Bronx to raise awareness about health issues in African communities in New York City and exceptionally in the Bronx.

Many people in the African Community travel every single year to Africa where malaria is a health issue. When they travel, they do not know where to get medication or vaccination against certain diseases such as malaria. So, they usually travel without taking any prevention regarding malaria and other illnesses. They usually come back with malaria, and they do not know where to go to get treatment. This a sad reality with its consequences. 

“African Health Awareness is about to bring resources to our community and tell our people that there is malaria program for those who used to go to Africa. We indeed want to make sure they get medication or vaccination before any trip to Africa,” said Mohammed Mardah one of the initiators of the event.

“Malaria is going down worldwide but it is going up in New York because of Africans who are going to Africa without prevention and come back with the disease,” said Christina Coyle, MD, the director of infectious diseases/ tropical medicine at Einstein Hospital in the Bronx. As per Dr. Cole, not only parents but also their children need to take medication before any trip to Africa. She said there is a pill any parent can get for themselves and for their children to avoid unnecessary death.

Christina Coyle, MD, the director of infectious diseases/ tropical medicine

Ms. Brenda “IJ” Anosike who works at Montefiore hospital in the children department said, “most people do not know where to get free service and medication to prevent themselves from malaria.” And she added: “We have information in our website, which is”

“We are working to make Malaria Prophylaxis available for free or low cost,” Mardah unveiled.

According to Christina Coyle, MD, “another health issue in African community in New York is hepatitis B.”

Ms. Brenda “IJ” Anosike

The African heath awareness Day is also an opportunity to spread the word to stop a silent epidemic in the West African Community. She also said that there is vaccination against malaria, but it is available in New York. Only the pill is available in New York.   

“Your health is very important, don’t wait to get sick to go to hospital,” said Ambroise Ngande one the initiators.

Bazona Barnabe Bado

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