African Heritage Month at Gracie Mansion: African community wanted to stand and build together with the Mayor.

The New York City’s Mayor African Heritage Month took place on September 14,2023 at the Gracie Mansion. African communities from all over New York city have massively attended the event, which has been  dedicated to them for several years. An  event that celebrates, commemorates, and showcases African community.

“This is our moment to reunite Africa and we must know each other,” said Mayor Eric Adams who knows well Africa .  “I went  all over the continent:  Ghana,  South Africa,  Senegal, Morocco, etc. and I know the power of Africa,” he added. The trip to Africa for the Mayor is a historic one as a black Mayor of a powerful state like New York. “ We came here as a slave and I go back to Africa as a Mayor of the powerful state of New York,” The Mayor pointed out.   

The protocol  wanted the Mayor to avoid the crowd as he went straight to the podium. It was the opposite last year as the Mayor took a walkabout and took pictures with many people.

“ Before I start let me go down and took pictures with people,” said the mayor. So, he went down, like last year, he took pictures with people. “ I have to get African energy, the ancestor energy,” the Mayor explained.

The African Heritage Month has brought together not only the Africans who live in New York, but also Africans and African descendants who worked in the mayor office with the ultimate goal to stand and build together with the Mayor.

Bazona B. Bado

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