African Heritage Month: City Council’s woman Kristin Richardson Jordan has honored many people in Harlem 

District 9, City Council’s woman Kristin Richardson Jordan has hosted on September 30, 2022, in the headquarter of Senegalese Association of America in Harlem an African Heritage Month to celebrate what she called “the beautiful people” and honor many of them.

District 9, City Council’s woman Kristin Richardson Jordan

In the big room where the event was held, Ms. Jordan was socializing, interacting and discussing with anyone she came across. “I appreciated my African heritage,” she said. “We are beautiful people.”

As an African American Woman, Ms. Jordan said: “We all have root in the African Continent.”

The event was indeed an opportunity for her to take a panoramic look at the work her and her team have done so far after 180 days in office. She has laid out in a handout their accomplishments such as “the laws she has signed on to, initiatives her and her team have led, services they have provided, and event they have hosted and attended.”

Sadio Yaya Barry (Center )

Based on their vision, the team come out with a genial acronym, which is:  H.A.R. L. E. M ( Holding police accountable & abolition, Actually affordable housing, Redistributing wealth and resources to those most in need and most oppressed, Living longer: safety and care for our seniors, Education for all and environmental justice, and Meaningful change.)

As the event has taken place in Harlem at Little Senegal, and knowing that Ms. Jordan and her team have been advocating for affordable housing, The African Journal asked Ms. Jordan if the Africans who live in Little Senegal do not need to be worried about gentrification that is threaten families with lower -income and who live in that specific area?

Her answer was simple. “They need to help fighting,” she said.

Many people were honored by Ms. Jordan. The Senegalese Association of America and its president Sadio Yaya Barry as well as Imam Konate were among many people who were honored by Ms. Jordan who has praised everyone who has received a certificate.

Imam Konate has prayed for the event after he has received his certificate and he has thanked Ms. Jordan for bridging the gap between Africans and African Americans.

“This is your community, you are part of our community,” said Sadio Yaya Barry who has seized the opportunity to emphasize the Africans’ contribution for the city. “The African communities are hardworking people, they contribute a lot as street vendors, hair braiders, taxi drivers and much more,” he said.

Ms. Jordan has also stressed the importance of the connection between Africans and African Americans. Abdoulaye Cisse a CEO of a non-for-profit organization ( BABA)  said that “we do connect but the issue is we do not work towards our problems.”

Robert Jackson II the city council aide has thanked everyone who attended the meeting and appreciated their contributions.

Bazona Barnabe Bado

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