African Life Center has celebrated International Women’s Day: “A day to remember women who fought for women,” Ms. Ramatu Ahmed

“Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID – 19 world,” was the theme that was chosen this year to celebrate International Women’s Day. As always, International Women’s Day, which is celebrated every single year on March 8tth,  was celebrated in  different ways and in different countries.

African Life Center, which is a 501C organization has commemorated that historical Day by engaging a discussion related to the theme as three women with extensive experience in the medical field debated the topic. They were: Mariama Bah Sow MD, Physician, Maimouna Coulibaly, MD, MPH, medical doctor and epidemiologist, and Dr. Lois Bookhardt, chief medical officer.

Ramatu Ahmed, founder of Africa Life Center,  who has initiated the discussion, said the goal is to acknowledge any woman who fought and continue to fight as we navigate through covid – 19. For Ms. Ramatu, African Life Center, which purpose is to serve African communities by helping them  getting resources they need as the Center collaborates with government agencies in the USA, and organizes several activities including trainings.

 Talking about the theme, she said Covid – 19 was  a challenge and still is a challenge for African women . “ Women were very busy during covid – 19 and were  on front line as nurses, home health aides, hotel workers and many has died,” Ms. Ramatu said. “Everything was mess up and we were there in different levels to support each other,” she added .

When we asked Ms. Ramatu to understand if one day in a year is enough to celebrate women, she said it is a day to remember women who fought for women in different ways – educationally, economically, gender role – “We are enjoying freedom because the education we got as women,” she said.

Bazona Barnabe Bado


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