African Nations Soccer Cup, Burkina Faso 2, Cameroon 1

The kick off of the African Nations Soccer Cup took place on April 15, 2023  at Mullay Park in the Bronx. This is the twelfth time in a row that the organizer of the cup, Ambroise Ngande has doing his best  to make this African Nations  Cup a reality.

Several African  soccer teams  have  participated  the twelfth edition of the cup that  was placed under the presidency of the Bronx Borough president Vanessa L. Gibson.

 Women were also in the spotlight because they were the ones who opened the match. It was therefore the women’s team of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon who competed in a fun and fair play game. Final score: 0 – 0.

The men enter the dance

Ghana and Senegal face each other. In the  first half, the two teams played at the same pace with each on their side for the chance to win. During the pause the coach of the Ghana team gives firm instructions to his players. When hostilities resumed,  Bamba Diaw opened the scoring for Senegal during the first minute.

The match resumes, Ghana team is fighting hard,  but Senegal’s rage to win surprises them. During the  25 minute of play Matar Diaw sent the ball in the net. Second goal for Senegal. The score will not change until the end of the match. Senegal 2, Ghana 0.

The second match will oppose the Nigerian team to the team of  Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

From the start of the match the DRC is more enterprising. Players are faster and more decisive in their actions. Nigeria is lagging behind despite their ambition to win.

The first half is unsuccessful on both sides.  The DRC continues to put pressure on Nigeria after the pause.  The team manages to score her first goal around the 30th minute of play. The score will not change until the end of the match. DRC 1, Nigeria 0.

The third match  oppose the team of Burkina Faso to the team  of Cameroon.

The Match is pleasant, the Burkina Faso team is dominating the game, and the Cameroon team is fighting as it can. Around the 30th minute of play, the Etalons du Burkina Faso benefit from a penalty that Pierre Coulibaly will not miss. His  kick surprises the Cameroonian goalkeeper. Burkina Faso 1, Cameroon 0 at first half game time.

At the second half,  the match is still in favor of the Etalons  of Burkina Faso who in their ride continued to shake up the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. But the Indomitable Lions surprise the Etalons of Burkina Faso and benefit from a penalty. And the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon score.

In the last minutes of play, the Etalons of Burkina Faso  then benefit from a free kick. Pierre Coulibaly, the author of the first goal, with a masterful blow sends the ball to die in the deep  of the net. Burkina Faso 2, Cameroon 1. And the referee whistles the end of the match. Burkina Faso will meet Senegal in the final.

The cup, which was also placed under the leadership of the African Advisory Council (AAC), was placed under the sign of unity and fraternity according to Ambroise N’gande, the initiator of the cup.

 Sidiki Donzo the chairman  of the African Advisory Council said that the African  Nations  Soccer Cup is a unifying element. He expressed his joy to see that even far from their continent,  Africans are working for unity. ” We can succeed by supporting each other,” he said.


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