African Union Day Foundation  and  African Immigrants’ Commission of NY & CT:  A celebration of Africans’ accomplishment

Africans in the diaspora  in New York, held in September 9, 2019  in the premises of Merci College in the Bronx, the 14th African Union Day celebration and the first anniversary of “Daylight Africa”.

 The event, which  was conjointly organized by African Union Day Foundation  and  African Immigrants’ Commission of NY & CT, was an opportunity to celebrate African diversity, honor African business leaders, and pay tribute to two African soldiers who died in the battle field overseas for “their exemplary leadership and supreme sacrifices.”

Tim L. Hall, the President of Merci College in his speech,  has welcome  everyone, encouraged African leaders and introduced his institution, which is “ an exceptional American College in New York.” “ We want students to succeed and give back to communities,” he said.

The City councilwoman  Delia  Furgharson was the special guest of the event. She said she will continue to support everyone who works hard as she thanked  the organizers.

In his speech the Vice President of African Immigrants’ Commission of NY & CT,  Menepelle  J. Nuhann Said Ms. Delia  is “highlight appreciated” and has promised that “ we will continue to support you.”

The general consul of Senegal as he received from the hands of Cheick Musa Drammeh  who initiated Daylight Africa, the “award” of Captain Mbaye  Diagne of Senegal, said he commends the group for the work it is doing. Captain Mbaye  Diagne was a Senegalese soldier who died in Rwada as “ he sacrificed his life to protect ours.” Daylight Africa “ programs are premised on three pillars.”

Another soldier who was honored was Private Emmanuel Mensha who originally from Ghana and  who died in USA in the battle zone.

Many African business men and women were also honored for their  dedicate service to community groups.

In the same dynamic, Abdoul Kouraogo,  AiC Economic Commissioner  has talked about  the Chamber of Commerce, how important it is and how it can help business leaders to succeed.  We have interviewed Mr. Kouraogo who gave below more detailed about the Chamber of Commerce.

As Africans are celebrated this special event, another special event is on its way coming up, which is the census. For that reason, Famod Kone the Bronx Borough Director of the mayor’s office, on behalf of the Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio, has encouraged African leaders to be actively engaged so that they mobilize massively as he said this census is so important. “A census unit has been set,” he said.

Christelle N. Onwu from New York City Commission on Human Rights  has spoken about human rights issues and services that are available for African Immigrants.

Mohamed Ahmad CEO CAIR New York spoke about service his organization is provided to Muslim community groups.

Peter Rogina  has talked about peace and announced an upcoming fundraising event for peace building around the world.

It was also a celebration of African diaspora’s diversity as artists from Jamaica, America, have performed. The auditorium was glad to hear also one of the “Central Park 5,” who wrote a poem that tells his story.  “Central Park 5,” are those five African –  Americans who were sentenced to jail for many years for a crime they do not committed.  


Learn more about African Immigrants’ Commission of NY & CT Chamber of Commerce with Abdoul Kouraogo the  Economic Commissioner.

Abdoul Kouraogo, is  the Economic Commissioner for the AIC NY/CT. He is running  his own practice as a Financial Services Professional, specializing in Life Insurance and Fixed Income Strategies through New York Life Insurance Company. He  leads the team that is in charge of creating the AIC Chamber of Commerce.

A chamber of commerce is a business network. Its goal is to promote and protect the interests of its members. Business owners form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community. Activities can range from hosting events to lobbying local representatives to charitable works for the betterment of the community. AIC has made it one of its goals to shed more light on the issues that the African entrepreneurs and business people are facing by leveraging its immense network of local representatives and elected officials. That’s where the idea of launching a chamber of commerce came from. Our businesses do not have proper representation, although the market share across industries is expanding. Every community has its own chamber of commerce, or at least should. AIC’s goal is to advocate on behalf of the African Immigrant Community and that includes its business community as well.
The chamber of commerce is an independent entity and mostly finances it’s activities through membership fees. Membership is open to any person who has an interest in doing business with our network of African Immigrant business owners.

We are striving to make our small businesses more and more competitive by providing them with resources and guidance. African businesses have been gaining rising popularity for the past few years. While we recognize this as a source of pride, we are also concerned about customer satisfaction. Our customer services across multiple business industries have been receiving serious criticism. Of course, this phenomenon is inevitable for growing businesses, that’s why collaboration between like-minded business owners can be a tremendous asset to gain success. There are many benefits to joining a Chamber of Commerce. Our approach will consist of providing African business owners with a networking space to encourage collaboration and cross-selling opportunities within various sectors. We are actively partnering with organizations to provide training, seminars, and workshops on various topics, but also partnering with business experts, lending institutions, lawyers, marketing and branding specialists who will serve the business community, etc. Fundraising activities will be organized to present our business owners on a good light to local communities; Local publications will feature various businesses and a newsletter will be made available; Businesses will have access to our network of media outlets. Representation and advocacy shall be done on businessmen and businesswomen behalf to share their concerns and bring resources close to them in order to create a business-friendly environment for their benefit, to name a few.

AIC NY/CT, although a young organization has been receiving recognition from various entities for its outstanding services and its exemplary leadership. Our approach is growth-focused and innovative. We truly believe that this organization will set the tone for other successful African organizations in the US by showing the proper way of defending our interest. Therefore, I invite each and every African and friends of the African community to join AIC NY/CT and lend a helping hand to support and promote the US African Communities. And those who have interest in doing business with our communities are strongly invited and very welcomed to join our AIC Chamber of Commerce.





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