Ahmadou Diallo and others: Protesters took the streets, demanding NYC Board of Elections to count their Votes

Peaceful protesters took the street on July 8, 2020 in the Bronx to demand New York City Board of Elections to count their votes after three  Democratic candidates in the Assembly  district 79th  and 87th   names were removed from the Board of Elections lists during the primary elections held on June 23, 2020.  

Ahmadou Diallo, Joselin Mejia, and Mohammed Mujumder  who were respectively Democratic  male and female leader candidates in the Assembly district  79th in the Bronx, and Democratic male district leader in the Assembly district  87th  in the Bronx, along with others were peacefully protesting against what they called “ an unfortunate bias relating to the candidates Ahmadou Diallo, Joselin Mejia and Mohammed Mujumder.”

The New York State Board of Elections has removed Ahmadou Diallo, Joselin Mejia, and  Mohammed Mujumder  names from the Board of Elections lists in March 2020 as a cover sheet was missing in their paperwork. Subdivision 2 of section  6 – 134 of the election laws requires a cover sheet for each petition consisting of 10 or more pages… “  And “ the purpose of cover sheet is for the administrative convenience of the respondent Board of Elections.”

According to the candidates, the coversheet was missing because the campaign manager who was in charge of that was struck by covid – 19 and was not able to inform them.

When the three candidates have  realized that their name were removed from the Board of Elections lists, they quickly filed a lawsuit and won the case before the Appellate Court, and finally lost the case again before the Court of Appeals.

According to them,  they were not aware of that decision since their names were still listed on the absentee ballots, early voting ballots, emergency ballots, affidavits ballots, military ballots, and in – person election day ballot. And on the elections day ( June 23, 2020) people have voted for them.

As their names were removed, those who have casted their ballots for them votes did not count. The three candidates have filed another lawsuit, which is still pending with the aim that people’s votes must be counted.

“Our stand is not to win, it is for the voters,” said Mr. Diallo. “ We want our votes to be counted,” he added.

According to Mr. Diallo a movement has been launched and they will take the street again on Tuesday July 14, 2020.

Bazona Barnabe Bado


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