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The sun is risen on the horizon as a new outlet, which is called “The African Journal” is born. It is an independent newspaper and envisioned to serve African’s diaspora not only in the United States of America but also across the world by providing them with accurate and reliable information they need to live as citizens in an unrest society.

The African Journal positions itself as a federated tool, a link or a bridge that bounds communities between themselves first, and secondly with their native countries.

It has its headquarters in New York. It is a dream comes true for two immigrants who come from Burkina Faso in West Africa and who think that American dream goes beyond the materialistic aspect of the life. They agree with James Truslow Adams an American who was a writer and historian, and who coined in 1931 the term “American Dream” in his book “The Epic of America”. James defines “American Dream” as “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement…”

Our American Dream is the freedom to tell our stories, the Africans’ stories, to educate our people, to support in Africa our young democracies, to be that fourth branch of government, and also to be “an essential counterweight to government(s), ( for ) the basic check against abuse of official power,” as Katherine Graham, a U.S newspaper publisher, said.

Who can understand better the achievements and struggles of Africans who are living abroad? Who can tell accurately and objectively a story of a dishwasher who labor twelve hours a day in a basement, or a delivery boy who is fighting a gridlock traffic in New York City, and moreover, a story of a brave young woman at a corner of a street in Harlem facing a freezing weather and hailing passengers “hair braiding miss?” Who can tell better and without any bias a story regarding an immigrant who got in jail because of groundless allegations? Who can better and boldly write a story
about an immigrant who through hardships and struggles achieves his or her “Dream” than the immigrant himself?

The African Journal, which is also a bilingual newspaper (English and French) is the voice of these voiceless. It is the voice of Africa and the voice of the people who refuse to be muted, to be alienated. It is the voice that is engaging for the truth, a free press, and the freedom of expression. We believe in it because “the best place (maybe the only place) to learn how to deal with someone else’s hurt is to be hurt yourself,” writes Steven Brown in his book “When Your Rope Breaks.”

Africa is sick. It is sick of bad governance as governments are corrupted. Amnesty International said in its 2016’s report that “corruption is a big issue in 2016 African elections.” The organization has also in 2015 pointed out that “nearly 75 million people in Sub – Sahara Africa are estimated to have paid bribe in the past year.”

The African Journal is standing against any kind of corruption. We will fight for good governance, for justice and for the truth. We will educate the people because they have the right to know and our role is to inform them. As we are legally running this outlet, we are bragged of our tagline: “The right to know, the duty to inform.”

The African Journal

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  1. Great initiative!! I strongly hope that your journal will contribute in educating folks. I would recommend that you target people who might be interested in reading your publications. Go to colleges, libraries, religious places ect.. to put the journal. When going to colleges, ask to speak with Presidents of ASA’s ( African Students Associations). They could be a great help in promoting your journal.
    Please can you translate this editorial in French?
    Sidiki Savadogo

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