Arisa Diane Oliver has authored two wonderful books: “A Strange World” and “Black And White”

When she came to the United States of America, she could not either speak or write in English. She never dreamt she will one day speak fluently English or write academically  books  in English. However, she did it in less than four years. Her name is Arisa Diane Oliver AKA Diane Bertille Olivia Kabore and she is 24  years  old. Daughter of a diplomat from Burkina Faso ( West Africa) , her native country, Arisa Diane Oliver authored two books: a novel ( A Strange World) and a poem ( Black and White), which are written in English. Although  she said writing is like expressing herself, Oliver got her inspiration from watching  movies. “They made me dream and discover a new world,”  She said. And she wrote “ I am a big fan of movies. One day while watching a movie where the lead was a writer made me realize my love for writing.” Why  the world is so strange for Oliver? Go online in Amazon and  eBay to buy the book to  get that answer.

As a poet, Oliver bombardes us with  her imagination. “ While writing poems, I do not express my personal life, but I try to imagine what someone else would like to hear,” she penned.

 Here are some poems:

Strong Hopes

“I hope I could close my eyes;

And you will make them shine;

I hope in your dreams;

You could see me dancing.”

Strong Love

“She is the girl dreaming;

Dreaming about her love;

She is the sad girl;

Thinking to join her love.”

Hope, love, passion, etc. are themes Oliver depicts  in her poems book entitled “Black And White.” A book that will blow up your imagination. You will exactly feel like she feels: “I feel like dreaming or being in another dimension of the world where things tend to be unreal… It’s like a free bird with so many ideas to conquer the universe.” In eBay and Amazon, you can also find the book.

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