Burkina Faso: Protest against fuel price increase

Thousands of people demonstrated in Burkina Faso on Thursday against the hike in fuel prices.

The general strike in the capital Ouagadougou, with the slogan “No to the rise of hydrocarbons” was organized by the National Coalition against the Cost of Living.

The first vice-president of the National Coalition to fight Against the High Cost of Living, Chrysogone Zougmoré, said that they had had enough.

“Comrades, enough is enough! We say no to this increase in hydrocarbon prices which, inevitably, will have terribly damaging consequences on the populations and especially on the most vulnerable people.”

Since November 9, the price of gasoline and diesel in Burkina Faso has risen by 75 CFA francs per litre, an increase of 12%.

The demonstrators submitted a list of demands to the Minister of Trade Harouna Kaboré.

Chrysogone Zougmoré, expects the government to reduce the salaries and benefits of government officials.

“We expect the government to make a war effort, in particular by reducing the salaries of ministers paid in millions! by canceling the privileges in water, electricity, luxury vehicles and so on enjoyed by these members of the government.

They also demand a stop to violations of democratic and trade union freedoms and the withdrawal of the draft law which provides serious restrictions on the right to strike adopted by the Council of Ministers.    



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