Burkinabè’s  woman accuses her white’s  husband of human trafficking

Ms. A. B has declared before the American jurisdictions that she was sold as an animal by her uncle and by the village chief to a white American citizen and who, according to her, forcibly married her.

At  a press conference on June 18, 2020 in Columbia County in New York State, A. B has explained how things have unfold.  Indeed, it all started in 2001.  According to A.B, a White man  landed in a village in Est – Center of Burkina Faso where A. B lived with her family. The white man  contacted A.B’s uncle and the village chief, A.B’s father having passed away. And this, after a call from A.B’s cousin  who lives in Germany.

According to A.B, the cousin  is the friend of the white man  and he is  who has ordered  A.B’s marriage to the white man. At the time A.B was 18 – years – old. She said it was the first time she had seen a white man and had been afraid to see such a stranger in the family’s yard. After that,  she  was informed that she should marry the white man.

“They locked me up for four days in a room,” she said at the press conference. “I was sold like an animal, I was a virgin and he forced, abused, and raped me from day one,” she said.

We reach out to her  on the phone and she told us that her birth certificate was falsified so that she could travel to the United States of America. According to her, they added 3 more years on her birth certificate. Note that A.B. could neither read nor write at the time

.When A.B. and her husband arrived in the USA, they lived in several states before settling in Columbia County in New York State, more precisely in Old Chatham where the husband owns a farm.

 A.B, who is currently a mother of three, accuses her husband of also having trafficked her mother, sister and niece. She said that her husband forced them to work in his plantation. She has  also point out   that she came from a farming family and that she did not expect to come to the United States to work physically in a plantation. “I had become a housekeeper, a slave.” said A.B. “In his plantation, he makes me and my family work from morning to night. ”

Answering a question why she thinks her husband is a human trafficker, A.B  said  that her husband  has taken from them their passports and any other documents they had and has kept those documents over. “That what human trafficker does,” she said.

Currently, AB, and her husband are engaged in divorce proceedings. The husband has joint custody of the children. Her sister and niece continue to live under the same roof with her husband.

 She has  also explained that her past efforts before law enforcement officers have been unsuccessful.

She is back as structures which cope with domestic violence, and the supervisor of Columbia County stand by her side. A.B, who said she has  escaped her husband’s claws with the help of community members, wants him to answer for his actions before the courts and see justice done now.

“I demand and urge the law enforcement of the State to step in so A. B can begin to see her struggles’ answer,” said Columbia County Supervisor.

“I want him to go to court; he is a manipulator, a plantation owner, and a family separator” said  A. B

We have reached  out to  the Burkina Faso Consulate in New York who says they are following the matter closely.

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