When African Union did a coup d’état against Ambassador Arikana

The African Union has operated  in October 7, 2019 a shameful coup d’état as it has overthrown Ambassador Arikana Chihombori – Quao the African Union Ambassador to the United States. “I have the honour to inform you that, in line with the terms and  conditions of service governing your appointment as Permanent Representative of the African Union Mission to the United States of America in Washington DC, I have decided to terminate your contract in that capacity with effect from 1st November 2019,” said a letter sent to Ambassador Arikana by The African Union Chair, Chadian-born, H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat. I was shocked as I read the pathetic letter. However, I was not surprised. I have had the opportunity to cover in May 18, 2019 in Harlem a conference where  Ambassador Arikana has addressed the keynote. Yeah, I was stunned as she was spoken  publicly against the neo – colonialism... Read more

African Heritage celebration is the celebration of African Community, thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York city’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has hosted in September 26, 2019 the second annual African Heritage celebration at Gracie Mansion where hundreds of people from across the city have come to enjoy themselves. “This is  the best party in New York, a party fills with joy and love,” he said. The Mayor who went to Ghana with his family has told the audience that they should visit Africa to understand the  greatness, the rules, and traditions that embody America. He has also  said it is shameful to ignore the African culture, and that the City will not allow the denigration of African community. As the census is its way, the Mayor has made a push for  African community to participate actively in the 2020’s U.S census. “Help me make the census a success, I need you to join me now,” he said. The Mayor has also reminded the... Read more

African Heritage Month in the Bronx : Keeping African culture alive

The first annual African Heritage Month in the Bronx was held in September 18, 2019 in Hostos Community College’s center for the arts and culture. The event, which was organized by African Advisory Council ( AAC) ,  was focused on celebration of African diaspora’s culture as it was also called “multicultural music and dance festival.” Several  artists from African diaspora in the Bronx have performed. A performance that has  demonstrated that Africans abroad have kept  their culture alive. Indeed, they danced, sung, beat drums, and told stories. “You are had - working community, a community of love and dance,” said the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. who has recalled in his speech  how AAC was born in the wake of a shooting of a young African. A painful situation that triggered the creation of AAC in January 2010 with a clear mission: “To work with the Bronx African community... Read more

New York City African Diaspora Town Hall: Engaging communities and honoring leadership

African Diaspora in New York City gathered in September 12, 2019 in Brooklyn to celebrate African heritage month and discuss issues that are relevant to communities. Several people from different agencies in the city have spoken either as speaker or panelist, and other people were honored for their outstanding commitment to communities. If the Town Hall aimed to engage the African diaspora in a profound discussion based on issues related to human rights, it was also a platform to share ideas. “To be able to collaborate with each other,” said Christelle N. Onwu who is the Lead advisor for African communities, and NYC Commission on Human Rights. It was the first time a such event was organized in Brooklyn the city, which is, according to one of the organizers of the event,  where there are most diverse groups of African diasporas. As eight speakers in total in their speeches spoke... Read more

African Union Day Foundation  and  African Immigrants’ Commission of NY & CT:  A celebration of Africans’ accomplishment

Africans in the diaspora  in New York, held in September 9, 2019  in the premises of Merci College in the Bronx, the 14th African Union Day celebration and the first anniversary of “Daylight Africa”.  The event, which  was conjointly organized by African Union Day Foundation  and  African Immigrants’ Commission of NY & CT, was an opportunity to celebrate African diversity, honor African business leaders, and pay tribute to two African soldiers who died in the battle field overseas for “their exemplary leadership and supreme sacrifices.” Tim L. Hall, the President of Merci College in his speech,  has welcome  everyone, encouraged African leaders and introduced his institution, which is “ an exceptional American College in New York.” “ We want students to succeed and give back to communities,” he said. The City councilwoman  Delia  Furgharson was the special guest of the event. She said she will continue to support everyone who... Read more

Bethel Hamliri Inc. wins two important grants in the total amount of $ 60, 000

[caption id="attachment_3566" align="alignleft" width="240"] 1591 E 233 St, Suite 205A - Bronx, New York 10466Phone: (646) 474-2778 - www.bethelhamlirii.orgHEALTHY LIVING[/caption] Bethel Hamliri Inc. has received a first grant in the mount of $ 50, 000 from the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation as part of its Community Health program. With that grant, Bethel Hamliri Inc. in collaboration with other organizations will build a community of providers seeking to reduce the prevalence of type-2 diabetes and hypertension in their respective communities. The not for profit Bethel Hamliri Inc. has received a  second grant in the amount of $10, 000, which was provided by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets for a proposal to the FreshConnect FoodBox Program. Both grants will run for a period of one year. Bethel Hamliri Inc. exists since 2015 and is a charity 501c New York based not for profit. It has been also recognized... Read more

Abdourahamane Diallo has announced his candidacy for New York City Council District 16

Abdourahamane Diallo,28, has organized a pre-launch event to announce his candidacy for New York City Council District 16 on August 14, 2019 in the Bronx. Following the election of Charles Fall, who is of Guinean descent, as the first Muslim and African-American Assemblyman in the New York’s 61st Assembly District in Staten Island, another African is running to be a councilman in the Bronx. “I stand in front of you as a son, a brother, with a vision to make our community better,” said Mr. Diallo to a packed auditorium. He went on to explain how he came to this country with a dream to have a better education, make money and go back to his native country. “This was what I was thinking when I was in Africa,” he said. In the United States of America, he realized that “the situation is different … we are here, we are... Read more

National Night Out : “Interfaith prayer warriors circle,” a prayer for NYPD officers.

A community - based prayer was held in August 6, 2019 in different areas in the Bronx.  Known as  “Interfaith prayer warriors circle,” the  gathering brought together all believers to pray for New York Police Department (NYPD)  officers specially for those for took their own lives. According to those who initiated the prayer,” ‘Interfaith prayer warriors circle’ is named after Deputy Chief Steven J. Skills and dedicated to all NYPD officers who die in line of duty and those who took their lives.” Deputy Chief Steven J. Skills committed suicide on June 5th, 2019 at the age of 69. He was a retired NYPD officer. “He loved his job and he could not handle the idea of retirement,” said Sheikh Musa Drammeh member of National Night Out, a community – based organization whose goal is “to bring NYPD officers and community to stay close together.” “Interfaith prayer warriors circle,” was... Read more

Guineans Succeeding in America (GSA)  has honored 2019’s  Guinean graduate students

Students from Guinean community in the USA and  who graduated in 2019 had a broad smile in their face in July 13, 2019 as they sat side by side to celebrate their success. Thank to Guineans Succeeding in America ( GSA), which has initiated the gathering. “We come together as one community to support each other,”  Asuma Jalloh president of GSA said. According to Ms. Jalloh education is a key to succeed and this meeting is to convey a message to those who graduated as well as those who are still in school that “we need to do more.” Several other people from Guinean community and from different professional backgrounds have  come to the gathering, which  was also about to promote and honor  2019’s  Guinean graduate students, not only to support the newly graduated, but also to give them advices they need to cope with the challenges they may face... Read more

African Immigrants’Commission of NY & CT: Rally against violence and for justice

A rally for justice and against violence that brought together many organizations from New York City, was held in July 6, 2019 in front of the Bronx Court. The rally, which  was Initiated by the  African Immigrants ‘Commission of NY & CT, took place as many Africans have  been attacked in the streets of New York and the perpetrators of these crimes  remain at large. “ Higher violence took place in our community, and it took too long to arrest and prosecute those who commit these  crimes  against our people,” said Mory Kouyate chairman   of African Immigrants ‘Commission of NY & CT. Those who attacked  Fatoumata Camara in May 10, 2019, Mamadou Diallo in April 9, 2019, Ganiou Ganfonou in March 2, 2019, and Almane Drammeh in August 22, 2019, are still at loose. Mamadou Diallo was at the rally. He still remembers how four people approached him and punched... Read more

The Center for Communication is hiring

COOPER LEIBNER EDITORIAL FELLOWSHIP  The Center for Communication annually awards the Carole Cooper and Richard Leibner Journalism Fellowship to a New York area female college junior, senior, or graduate student. The Fellow will receive a generous stipend up to $5000 while interning at the Center for Communication during the course of the school year. Students will have the opportunity to network with professionals and executives within media and entertainment at our panels and On Locations. The fellowship is open to students who will be enrolled within an undergraduate or graduate program in the Fall of 2019/Spring 2020 school year. WHAT YOU'LL BE DOING: The Center for Communication is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic intern interested in marketing, social media, and writing. Additionally, this intern will also support program staff during On Locations and must be available to work during all evening panels. You will help maintain the Center's social... Read more

A Day of visibility for Fatoumata Camara: “Hate is not tolerated in New York City,” Christelle Nkama Onwu, said

As a young woman who was beaten in the Bronx by a bunch of teenagers, is still seeking for justice, the New York City Human Rights along with African community based - organizations held a Day of visibility at 168th street and Third avenue in the Bronx. Fatouma Camara who was attacked on May 10 around 10 pm was there on June 7, 2019 along with her father, fiancé, and other family members to stand for what she has said and keep saying: “I am going fight for this … I’m gonna make sure they don’t do this to somebody else.” On May 10, Ms. Camara, student at the New York City College of Technology after her class, jumped in the Bx35 bus. When she was inside the bus a group teenager started taunting her. And when she got off the bus, they attacked her, beat her, robed her, and... Read more

Scientist’s quest to grow lost ganja smoked by Bob Marley

Amid mangos, lychees and other jackfruit, Dr Machel Emanuel has planted a field of supreme cannabis plants measuring dozens of square meters. His specialty: landrace cannabis, which grew naturally in Jamaica before it disappeared as a result of human intervention. The rastafarian doctor explained that in the 50s, 60s and 70s, Jamaica was known for its landrace cultivar which gave it that international reputation.  Emanuel decided to recover the lost landrace varieties and reproduce them in his lab. The quest wasn’t easy: grains of landrace had spread to the four corners of the Caribbean over the years. His search led him to Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Dominica, in pursuit of Rastafarians living in the countryside and still cultivating what is left of these plants. His research is more than just out of love for horticulture. The scientist has also developed an entire marketing plan for the landrace cultivar. The marketing material... Read more

Africa Day Celebration in New York: Journalists were rewarded for outstanding service to communities

The 12th annual Africa Day organized by the African Immigrants’ Commission of New York & Connecticut was held in May 25, 2019 in New York in the Bronx. Some electoral officials were there, and others such as New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo was represented.  Communities - based news organizations were rewarded and “The African Journal” was among the honorees. “This occasion recalls the historic events of April 15, 1958, when the first Conference of Independent African States was held among leaders of Africa’s liberation movement, giving rise to the eventual founding of the organization of the African Unity on May 25,1963. It marked an expression of solidarity among 32 free nations and the observance of the first Africa Day in a shared celebration of liberty and its meaning for the people of Africa countries,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo who was represented by Mr. Ortiz.  The particularity this year of... Read more

The African Advisory Council (AAC) of the Bronx Borough President African Nations Cup 2019: Senegal defeated Benin 2 – 1

Team Senegal celebrated its victory in May 18, 2019 as it beat team Benin during the final of the tournament organized by the African Advisory Council (AAC).  Twenty-four African teams took part of a competition that began in April 2019. Senegal and Benin were indeed the two finalists. After 80 minutes the two teams had the same score: 1 – 1. Benin lost on penalties to Senegal 1 – 2. Tracey Mcdermott who represented the Bronx Borough president Rubén Díaz Jr said she was proud to be here adding that the Bronx Borough president supports the tournament, which aims “to bring all African communities together.” “On behalf of African Advisory Council, I want to say congratulation to Senegal and Benin,” said Mohamed Mardah the AAC chairman. “We appeal to all African communities, the organization is open to everybody,” he said. The issue is the soccer field. “We do not have a... Read more

African Union Ambassador to the United States met African Diaspora in New York

Dr. Arikana Chihombori – Quao the African Union Ambassador to the United States met on May 18, 2019 African diaspora in Harlem New York to present a panoramic view about Africa. A sustainable development in Africa, “has to include African Diaspora,” said Dr. Arikana who also added that Israel, which is a small country is powerful because of its diaspora. “African diaspora needs to come to the table,” she said. However, the African diaspora does not trust each other. “Why we don’t trust each other?” she asked. To answer that question, she said we need to go back to 1884 a date that reminds us the Berlin conference as “Africans were sleeping, the Europeans had Africa map in front of them to divide us,” she said. When they came “they begun to tell us that everything in Africa is bad and everything in Europe is good,” she said. We believed... Read more

L’héritage révolutionnaire de Thomas Sankara : Une conférence pour mieux connaître l’homme

Le Socialist Working Party, présidé par Peter Thierjung, a animé le dimanche 05 Mai 2019 une conférence sur l’ancien Président, le capitaine Thomas Sankara du Burkina Faso. Cette présentation portant sur l’héritage révolutionnaire de Thomas Sankara s’est tenue dans les locaux de « The People’s Forum » à New York. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pXmpcc0JMhw   Qui était Thomas Sankara ? Que représentait-il ? Pourquoi Thomas Sankara est-il un exemple pour les travailleurs d’Afrique et des Etats-Unis ? Pour y répondre, trois (3) éminents orateurs ont successivement démontré en quoi Thomas Sankara est un « remarquable dirigeant révolutionnaire des travailleurs, des agriculteurs et des jeunes du monde entier ».  Il s’agit de Arouna Saniwidi, activiste et membre du Panafrican Federalist Movement ; de Asha Samad-Matias, professor à City College de Harlem ; enfin de Peter Thierjung, membre et dirigeant de Socialist Working Party-USA. Pour finir, une panoplie de livres et d’images sur l’ancien révolutionnaire du Faso a été soumise à la découverte des... Read more

African Family Cultural Festival: Peace and family were the key words

The first edition of African family Cultural Festival was held in April 28th, 2019 in Manhattan (New York) and was initiated by Universal Peace Federation (UPF) USA and African Diaspora Ambassadors for Peace. The event focusing on peace, was also an opportunity for UPF to appoint a dozen of new ambassadors of peace among them Mory Kouyate the chairman of African Immigrants’ Commission of New York and Connecticut, and Marceline Lynn Tenakoua Areyerehoue of Femmes Sans Frontiere. The different nominees are from Burkina Faso, Benin, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Togo … “We are beyond of the illusion of boundaries,” said Dr. Kone Drissa executive director of UPF USA African Affairs as he pictures the world as one family. “We are making a covenant to become a tribe to support the nuclear family,” he said. Talking about peace, Dr. Taj Hamad vice president of UPF International has focused his... Read more

Happy spouse, longer life?

    Having a happy husband or wife helps you live longer than those with miserable partners, research suggests Spouses who are unfit and shun healthy lifestyles not only ris.k knocking years off their own lives – they make it more likely their partner will die early, too.  Now scientists suggest doctors should look further than a patient’s own health and mental state and take the spouse’s well-being into account as well. Dr Olga Stavrova, who was behind the research, said: "The data shows that spousal life satisfaction was associated with mortality, regardless of individuals’ socio-economic and demographic characteristics, or their physical health status."  The study, by scientists at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, collected reports from around 4 400 couples aged over 50 in the US for a period of eight years. The couples were from diverse backgrounds, although some 99 per cent of them were heterosexual. The survey... Read more

Burkina Faso: security expert warns of inter-religious conflict

 The attack on a Protestant church in Silgadji, northern Burkina Faso during which four worshippers and the pastor were killed, is causing concern in the country. The attack on the church last weekend is the first against a church since 2015, the year of the first jihadist attacks. “They’ve sent a message, a very strong message to say that they’re progressing even if they might be a bit threatened, that they’re here to stay”, said Paul Oumarou Koalaga, an expert in geopolitics and security affairs.  For this security expert, Burkina Faso is not immune to inter-religious conflict “They attacked the Church because it’s one of their targets. Terrorist groups attack a number of targets and the Church is one of the symbolic targets that they attack. And they want to show there is an inter-religious conflict through the Church.They must have missed some opportunities at the military level, so by... Read more

 African Advisory Council of Bronx Borough President African Nations Cup 2019:  NYPD team beat All Stars 4 – 0

The African Advisory Council (AAC) of the Bronx Borough President African Nations Cup 2019, which is an annual event was held on April 13, 2019 at Yankee Stadium. The opening game featured AAC’s All Stars team against New York Police Department (NYPD) team. Marricka Scott – McFadden the Deputy Borough President Bronx who said it is pleasure for her to be involved, kicked the opening kickoff as she did last year. The game started at 3: 31 pm. During the first 10 minutes and physically speaking the two teams were relatively equitable. However, technically NYPD team showed its prowess by scoring in the 10th minute as Luis Delpero stunned everybody with a kick that surprised All Stars goal keeper. NYPD 1 and All Stars 0.   All Stars missed to score in the 24th minute as the crossbar pushed back the ball and saved NYPD team. In the 27th minute,... Read more

Community Peace Diner: “The idea is to celebrate our diversity,” Sheik Musa Drammey said  

A diverse community groups gathered in April 4, 2019 at Al – Sahib Community Center in the Bronx for a diner called “Community Peace Diner.” The gathering that brought together Muslims, Christians, and other group of people was organized by Peace December a nonprofit organization, which is championing for Peace in the world.  People who came from different communities sat side by side, ate food at the same table, shared ideas, and life experiences and gave testimonies. “The idea of that diner is to get to know each other, and to celebrate our diversity,” Sheik Musa Drammey the leader of the group said. As they celebrated diversity, they also talked about public safety, and how to prevent crime, violence, and hate in the Bronx, which according to Musa “is number one for every that is bad and is the last in everything that is good.” And Talking about those issues... Read more

The Black Institute and African Communities have debated on immigration policies

Addressing immigration issue in the United States of America is like a hot potato and talking about this hot topic in New York is indispensable. According to American immigration consul, “Immigrants in New York, now account for one-fifth of the state’s total population and make up a staggering 25 percent of its labor force.” And they are “an integral part of New York’s diverse and thriving communities and they make extensive contributions that benefit all.”   And the Black Institute has right as it organized in March 26, 2019 an immigration forum at Hostos Community College to discuss immigration policies. Three African leaders were invited as panelists to address in a panoramic view immigration’s issue no matter what country or continent immigrants come from. Imam Konate a religious leader, Mohammed Mardah chairman of African Advisory Council, Christelle Onwu, scholar and New York City Commission of Human Rights, were indeed, the... Read more

African Immigrants’ Commission is both a political and a social group according to Mory Kouyate the chairman

The African Immigrants’ Commission is a nonprofit organization, which was launched in December 2018. As the organization is organizing in February 18th, 2019 a workshop on Social Services,  three members  decided to tell in details the goals and mission of the newly born. Let’s welcome Mory Kouyate the chairman, Khady Racidat Kone Diaby, the African Immigrant’ s Commission commissioner on Family Affairs, and Menepelle J. Nuhann the national vice president of African Immigrant’ s Commission.  The African Journal ( A J) : Can you introduce yourselves to our readers? Mory Kouyate  ( MK) : Mr. Mory Kouyate attended Richmond Hill High School in Queens NY. He is also a CUNY/York College Graduate. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a History Minor. Since His graduation in 2010, Mr. Kouyate has been a dedicated community servant and a leader in the Bronx, New York for many years. For five years... Read more

Roundtable for African Youth in New York City: it was a time to discuss issues, answer questions, and socialize

“Your community, your voice: roundtable for African youth in New York City,” was the topic panelists and youth “dive in” in December 19, 2018 in Harlem to shed light on issues African immigrants specifically the youth may face in their journey in the Apple City. This was an initiative of the New York City Commission on Human Rights. Christelle N. Onwu the Lead Advisor for African Communities/ EEO Recruitment Strategist, NYC Commission on Human Rights, Introduced the panelists before discussions began. There were many tables in the room and a small group of people gathered around each table to identify issues, which were debated then. Issues were diagnosticated through questions such as “what some challenges are faced by immigrant New Yorkers?” “what role can city government play in increasing youth engagement?” “Do you believe youth and young adults feel empowered to report discrimination?” In addition to that there was time... Read more

End of year giveaways: USA – Mali Charitable Association put a smile in the faces of several students

More than one hundred students from school PS 125 in Harlem enjoyed an end of year giveaways in December 16, 2018, thanks to USA – Mali Charitable Association of NYC. “We do that every year for students to make them feel happy as we enter in a new year,” said Assetou Sy Founder and Executive Director of USA – Mali Charitable Association of NYC. Students from Pre-K to 5th grade received toys, books, and enjoyed food. They also danced as an artist from Burkina Faso (West Africa) was playing a drum and welcomed Santa as he entered in the room with his red costume and his face hid in a white and abundant beard.  “This is about giving, sharing with family, and coming together as a community,” said Reginald Higgins the Principal of PS 125, and who added that “kids do not live always happy, and this is a joy... Read more

United African Coalition’s end of year party: to celebrate unity and engage in political spectrum

The United African Coalition held in December 13, 2018 an end of year party in the Bronx to celebrate unity. “When we come together as Africans, we are stronger,” said Sheik Musa Drammeh who was the former chairman of the organization and who was praised by Mohammed Mardah  the African Advisory Council (AAC) Chairman as the only one who opens an Islamic school in the Bronx and opens his own restaurant. Founded in 2013, the United African Coalition is an organization that regroups African community leaders with the goal to engage the African immigrants in the political spectrum in the national and international level and to run for the city offices, according to Charles Cooper the new chairman of the organization. “We come oftentimes to the USA with our mind focusing in going to school and working. We are not politically engaged,” Mr. Cooper said. As the United African Coalition... Read more

 Women of Distinction Awards: A night to shed light on 8 women who are far more precious than jewels

“The 2nd   Chance International Women of Distinction Awards” was held in December 9, 2018 at Staten Island Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island where eight distinguished women from New York State were honored. It was an emotional event as honorees received their awards followed by poignant testimonies. “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels,” said Emmanuel Randolph Wheagar, Founder and CEO of the 2nd Chance International Women Awards, who quoted proverb 31 verse 10 from the Bible. “These are the kind of women we honored tonight,” he said. Among women who were honored we numbered journalists, humanitarians, business owners, and pastors. Here is a brief description of who they are. Ms. Dolores N. Morris. She began in 1979 her television career as a story researcher and eventually associate producer at “Children’s Television Workshop for the show “3 – 2 – 1” Contact.” After two years... Read more

African community in New York : Mohammed Mardah is the new African Advisory Council chairman

The African community in New York held in December 6, 2018 a special election to vote the chairman of African Advisory Council (AAC).  Two candidates were running for the position:  Mory Kouyate the incumbent, and Mohammed Mardah who was elect as new chairman of the AAC. Before the vote, each candidate had three minutes to tell and convince the community why it should vote for him. It was Mr. Mardah first who started: “AAC is going in the wrong direction, and I want to bring it back,” he said. According to him, Mr. Kouyate was not following the rules and regulations of the AAC. Then, it was the turn of Mr. Kouyate who first summarized what he has done for the community since he took service a year ago.  “This vote is not about me or Mohamed,” he said.  “Vote for me is a vote for justice, it is a... Read more

 “Farafina Mousso” pays tribute to African women, Stephanie A. Hien, said

  She has been living in New York for a while. She grew up with a childhood dream, which is to impact the world as a leader. She has understood that committing herself to underprivileged people, championing for social cohesion, and believing in sharing are some core values that make her a woman with an opened heart.   Her name is Stephanie A. Hien. She is the founder and CEO of “Richissime Prod”and general coordinator of “Farafina Mousso” in English, “The African Woman.” Very modest, she introduces herself in this term: “From business management to international leader club, and the Association of Professional Music Managers, Stephanie A. Hien is a young cultural entrepreneur passionate about music, and graphic design.” Ms. Hien is embracing this new year 2019, with a desire to honor African diaspora women as she is organizing “Farafina Mousso” or “The African Woman”, which is an event to... Read more

Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano was honored for her outstanding commitment.

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

She was a little girl  in 1990 when  in Rwanda her native country, erupted a civil war, which sparked the death of thousands of people. She is a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 when  she found herself jumping over hundreds of corpses to save her life. Today she raised up from the darkness of a horrible war to a spotlight of a recognition.   The State Senator Jesse Hamilton and the President of Brooklyn Borough Eric Adams honored Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano trough Citation for her an “outstanding commitment to promoting excellence and providing outstanding services and support to residents and those in need.” The ceremony was held in October 5, 2018 at the Brooklyn library before close friends who came to support and congratulate her for her accomplishment. Her story began in 1990 in Rwanda where a civil war between a minority group (Tutsi) and the... Read more


 Here are some exams for the month of October 2018 The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) is accepting applications for the following civil service exams. So don't delay, apply today!  Apply for exams online: Go to the DCAS Online Application System (OASys) at www.nyc.gov/examsforjobs and follow the onscreen application instructions for electronically submitting your application and payment, and completing any required forms. If you do not have access to a computer, visit one of our Computer-based Testing & Applications Centers (CTACs) to use our computers to submit your application (see below). OPEN COMPETITIVE - Exams Open to the Public                   ADDICTION COUNSELOR (NYC H+H), EXAM NO. 9016 - POSTPONED                  ASSOCIATE CORRECTIONAL COUNSELOR    , EXAM NO. 9017 - POSTPONED                 ASSOCIATE PROJECT MANAGER, EXAM NO. 9003       ... Read more

African Immigrant Heritage Month, the New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer honored the best.

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

The New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer celebrated in September 24, 2018 African Immigrant Heritage Month, which is dedicated to recognizing the contribution of African immigrants. The ceremony was held at the National Black Theater in Harlem, which is a property of African American woman, Barbara Ann Teer. Her daughter Barbara S. Lythcott was there and gave an emotional testimony how she fought to take back the family property as it was about to be taken from the family.  “My mother who passed away in 2008 had a mantra,” she said. “If you know the beginning well, the end will not trouble you.” And Stringer to said: “Leave your kids a good reputation.” Regarding the African Immigrant Heritage Month, which is the first annual one in the district, he said it is going to grow bigger. African Immigrant Heritage Month is also to honor excellency. “We honor the best,”... Read more

 African Heritage Month: “We are strong not despite of immigrants, but because of immigrants,”  said Bill de Blasio mayor of New York

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

The Mayor of the New York City Bill De Blasio has celebrated in September 26, 2018 the African Heritage Month as hundreds of Africans from all over the city “invaded” Gracie Mansion to be witnesses of the first celebration of “African Heritage Month” dedicated to African diaspora. “The first ever in history Africans’ celebration at the Gracie Mansion,” De Blasio said. And Famod Kone, the first Chairman of the African Advisory Council (ACC) in the Bronx, and the Bronx Borough Director of the mayor’s office, put it in that way as he presented the mayor to the audience in four different languages: “The celebration of the contribution, the accomplishment, the history, and the rich culture of the African communities in New York.” According to De Blasio, “The African community is one of the most growing immigrant groups in the city.” “Over 15 African nations are represented in New York,” he... Read more

How to prevent malaria before a trip to Africa or other countries? Diaspora parade was an opportunity to answer that question

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

Bronxites around Southern Boulevard and Louis Nine Boulevard enjoyed in September 15, 2018 watching African women from Congo dancing traditional dances as drums was beating, and admiring Jamaican and Spanish young girls in their lovely garments spinning. It was diaspora parade, which was organized in collaboration with Africa day malaria awareness. The parade ended up at Crotona Park where many hospitals from the Bronx had set up stands for free blood pressure, diabetes, and hepatitis B and C screening, as well as information regarding malaria, and insurances. According to some statistics “each year, almost 70 million people travel from the US to foreign countries.” And these travelers may be exposed to diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, and hepatitis A.  According to Ambroise Ngande, when people travel to Africa they have to cope with malaria, which is a big issue there.  “The Africa Day malaria awareness will help to raise... Read more

FONY 2018: The culture of Burkina Faso once again was in the heart of the event

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

The fourth edition of the Festival Ouaga New York (FONY), which was held and stretched from September 1st through September 4th, in New York is done. For four days, the FONY allowed the Burkinabé to revisit their culture and the Americans to better discover the culture of the country of upright people. The theme of the FONY, which is growing and renovating even if it still needs to improve, was “culture and education.” “The festival brought together artists from Africa, America, and Europe,” said Gerald Koala aka Kadafi who is the coordinator of the FONY. According to Mr. Koala, the FONY since its creation has allowed about twenty Burkinabe artists to land to America. "It's one of our goal,” he said. For this edition, there were three artists of the older generation from Burkina Faso and who flew to New York to make the culture of Burkina great. They kept... Read more

Africa Photo Festival is the privilege to tell our stories according to Yemi Ojagbamila  

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

The first edition of “Africa Photo Festival” was held in August 25 and 26, 2018 at The National Black Theater in Harlem. It was an exposition of pictures taken by 15 local and international photographers. “It is time for Africa to tell its story,” said Yemi Ojagbamila who is the curator and the promotor. For two days, New Yorkers enjoyed not only photos taken in Africa but also pictures that tell stories of Africans living abroad or African diasporas. If the pictures are telling Africa’ stories, the photographers are not from Africa alone. Some photographers for example are from Colombia, Italy, and Russia. Photographers were able to tell the stories of Africa trough many topics. One of the topics was the dead. Joana Toro, a photographer from Columbia through the lens of her camera, tells the story of African diasporas in Colombia as they celebrated dead by beating on drums... Read more

Muslims – Israel summit series: A new generation of Muslims speaking in different voice amid contestation

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

The first edition of “Muslims – Israel summit series” was held in August 27, 2018, in Manhattan. The summit reunited Imams, Rabbis, Scholars, dignitaries, and peacemakers from New York as well as from other States. A “historic gathering,” said Muhammad Drammeh, board member of Muslim Media Corporation, which is the convener of the summit. In his opening prayer, Imam Souleymane Konate said he came to the summit not because the summit was about Muslims and Jews, but because he is a human being. “God creates us as one creature,” he said. “Let’s stop judging each other.”  “We need to open the door for one another,” said Rabbi Joseph Potasnik in his opening remarks. “We came here today with different faith, we must leave here as one family,” he said. Why a summit on Muslims and Israel? “I can only imagine the benefits that derive from the contributions of an independent,... Read more

African Advisory Council’s BBQ was about to enjoy food, and to inquire about our health and our right to vote

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

African Advisory Council (AAC) organized in August 18, 2018 a barbecue, which was held in Crotona Park in the Bronx. It was not only about to enjoy food, but also to have a chance to get more information about healthiness, and voter’s registration. The organizers called it: “The AAC BBQ/ Health Fair/ voter’s registration.” As those who were present had enjoying food such as chicken, attieke, rice, salad… Menepelle Nuhan, AAC Director of Media, and who was also the MC of the event, made sure that music was tuned up. Coach Joewassa decided to make the BBQ more beautiful as he came with 15 kids.  The primary and general election will be respectively held in September 13, 2018, and in November 6, 2018. Voting is a right. And Christelle N. Onwu and her husband, both are working in human rights, were there to give more information about voter’s registration.   ... Read more

Bethel Hamliri . Inc.’s health fair in New York was  to bring awareness and health resources to communities 

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

A health fair organized by Bethel Hamliri was held in August 12, 2018 at Crotona park in New York. “We believe that a health fair is one of the best way to bring awareness and health resources to our communities,” said Frank Edgar Kabore founder and CEO of Bethel Hamliri.Inc. Through that health fair, community groups had had a chance to have access to free services such as blood pressure testing, blood glucose testing, resources for healthy lifestyle and weigh loss… “Bronx is under the threshold of illness,” said Pojanee Fleury (PJ) a participant who advised people to “pay attention to their health.” Mory Kouyate the chairman of African Advisory Council (AAC) said the health fair is a good initiative. “We must prevent illness before we get sick,” he said. Eating well is part of our healthiness. “We are not big on vegetables,” said Salimata Seck a participant who recommended... Read more

Miss Congo Brazzaville USA 2018: The winner is Dalhia Milondo

By :  Bazona Barnabé  Bado & Moustapha Diaoune

The third edition of Miss Congo Brazzaville USA 2018, was held in August 12, 2018 at the National Black Theater in Harlem, New York.  "Miss Congo Brazzaville is to promote the culture of Congo in the United States of America," said Henriette Brigitte Tsogni, promoter of Miss Congo Brazzaville and president of the NGO " La Main sur le Coeur.” They were five beautiful girls from different regions of Congo but living in the USA to take part in the competition. As the audience greet them with ovations as they make their appearance on the stage, some people were trying to guest the winner and making their choice. The numbers 1, 2 and 3, however, attract the attention of each other until the jury deliberated. The misses went back to the dress - room. Drums resound. It was the group Mfouambila of Congo which made its appearance. They were three... Read more

African Advisory Council is raising money for Souleymane Porgo

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

The African community in New York through the African Advisory Council (AAC) has decided to help Souleymane Porgo as it is opening an online account (GoFundMe) that will allow benefactors to donate so that Mr. Porgo will keep running his business. Porgo is the street vendor from Burkina Faso, who was violently attacked by a gang of seven people in May 2017 while selling his wares on the edge of a street in New York in the Bronx. He was taking to hospital in a comatose state and recovered after intensive care. [caption id="attachment_1607" align="alignright" width="525"] AAC members[/caption] "The African Advisory Council supports those who cannot support themselves," said Mory Kouyate, Chairman of AAC, and who initiated the press conference last Monday to inform the public about the opening of an online account to raise $20,000 that will allow Porgo to move in his own store. "We do not want... Read more

AZAABAN and African Ancestry gave opportunity to seven African Americans to reconnect with their ancestral land, Burkina Faso.

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

A welcome ceremony was held in August 5, 2018 to honor seven African Americans who after a DNA testing found their roots in Burkina Faso their ancestral land.   The ceremony was initiated by AZAABAN a nonprofit organization, which is providing the best approaches for African Americans to know about the historical background of their ancestors -their origins, their ethnic group, and their culture. - The seven African Americans who were welcome by their respective ethnic groups living in New York, were Lyela, Kasenna, Samogo, and Bissa. “We must welcome them and accept them with all our heart,” said Tene Ouedraogo/ Ouele, the founder of AZAABAN, which stands for “welcome” in Kasenna language. [caption id="attachment_1579" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Tene Ouedraogo/ Ouele, the founder of AZAABAN[/caption] Without African Ancestry a company, which “is committed to providing a unique service to the black community by working daily to improve the cultural, emotional, physical,... Read more

Running a business: “It is our duty to build our community,” Saeed Hassan president of ABS Travel, said

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

The president of ABS Travel was in July 26, 2018  in Brooklyn to meet with a group of teenagers from age 14 to 15 to give them the basic information  they need to run a business and to succeed in a world that requires more competition. Saeed Hassan who has been run ABS Travel for 25 years, was confident as he stood before the youth students and taught them how to be a successful man and woman. “Be strong inside of you, speak out, express yourselves, success comes then,” said Hassan who came to the meeting with his son who is majoring in finance with two minors. “ABS Travel, and staff believe in social responsibility,” said Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano, sales and marketing Africa.  “ You are the most important asset we have, we want to hear from you, talk to you and support you to become successful in your... Read more

Bronx Economic Snapshot: Bronx Borough president announced $ 1million, the AAC chairman wanted African’s immigrant voices to be heard.

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

The New York State Comptroller held a press conference, which  took place in July 20, 2018 in the Bronx inside a deli to talk about the economic Snapshot of the Bronx. “The Bronx has made great progress and has come a long way,”  Thomas P. DiNapoli  the  New York State comptroller said. According to the report, the population of the Bronx increased by 26 percent between 1980 and 20017, reaching almost 1.5 million people, only slightly less than the record set in 1970. It also indicates that immigrants are growing presence in the Bronx. They are indeed, make up 37% of the total population. They are also a large part of the borough’s economic success, making up nearly half of the work force and 60 % of self – employed entrepreneurs.  The report also indicates that, three – quarter of all immigrants in the Bronx are from Latin America. The... Read more

Fundraising : “Women and Girls Empowerment” is giving hope to women and girls with disabilities

By :  Bazona Barnabé  Bado et Moustapha Diaoune

“Women and Girls Empowerment” organized  in July 7, 2018  its  first annual fundraising event in the Bronx under the theme: “ Giving hope to women with disabilities in Cameroon.” Many guests were invited and one of them,  Mrs. Sefakor Komabu – Pomeyie, Founder & president of “Enlightening & Empowering people of disabilities in Africa,” gave a powerful and emotional speech. “She is going to give hope to girls with disabilities,” said Edwige Samu, president and founder  of “ Women and Girls Empowerment,” who expressed her gratefulness to all those who have came to honor these women and girls who live with disabilities. Mrs. Sefakor Komabu 43,  entered in the room in a wheelchair  as people stood up, Applauded , danced, to  welcome her. “ I am a living testimony that a child with a disability has a possibility to succeed,” she said.  Sefakor ’story  is a long journey, which finally... Read more

Form of Business Organization: Which Should You Choose?

By : Issiffou Ouedraogo

  The decision as to which type of business organization to use when starting a business is a major one. And, it's a decision to be revisited periodically as your business develops. While professional advice is critical in making this decision, it's also important to have a general understanding of the options available. This Financial Guide provides just such an overview. Businesses fall under one of two federal tax systems: Taxation of both the entity itself (on the income it earns) and the owners (on dividends or other profit participation the owners receive from the business).This system applies to the business S-corporation-called the "C-corporation" (C-corp) for reasons we'll see shortly and the system of taxing first the corporation and then its owners is called the "corporate double tax." "Pass through" taxation. The entity (called a "flow-through" entity) is not taxed, but its owners are each taxed (more or less) on their... Read more

African Heritage Month (AHM) Is Official : Mory Kouyate chairman of AAC explains the concept  

  The first edition of the African Heritage Month ( AHM ) will be held in September 2018. The  decision has been made as leaders of the African Advisory Council ( AAC)  met in June 21st , 2018 with the Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr. “We went in with two requests. A budget and the official Celebration of the African Heritage Month. The Bronx President agreed to one out of the two proposals. We shook hands to make September African Heritage Month,” Mory Kouyate Chairman of AAC said. The Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr. also tweeted about it: “I had a great meeting today with the members of my African Advisory Council! Thank you for caring so much and being so committed to a better Bronx and New York City.” The African Journal asked Kouyate four questions to decrypt the concept of the African Heritage Month. Here are... Read more

 World Refugee Day, African Communities Together has mobilized hundreds of protesters

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

  World Refugee Day, which is held every year on June 20th was celebrated in New York in a particular  way as many organizations took the streets to express solidarity and show support  to families forced to flee their countries because of wars, and other catastrophes, and to denounce the Trump administration’s policies on immigration. African Communities Together, which initiated the march along with other organizations was able to mobilize hundreds of people who marched from Bryant Park – 42nd street and 5th avenue to Trump World Tower, which is build  face to the United Nations, and then to Dag Hammarskjold plaza, on 47th street and 1st avenue,  to express their outrage.   “No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here,” the crowd sang as they marched brandishing placards, which displayed words that support immigrants or refugees.The particularity of World Refugee Day this year was that it was celebrated in... Read more

Educational System in Liberia, Menepelle J. Nuhann blames the government

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

  Menepelle J. Nuhann (M J N) is originally from Liberia. He is the  Founder, President and CEO of Vision For Children in Liberia ( VCIL). He is working for the department of education in New York and he is also the Director of Media for the African Advisory Council (AAC). He is talking in this interview about his organization and he blames Liberia’s government for the poor educational system in Liberia.    Tell us in few words about yourselves Menepelle J. Nuhann (MJN)  - Founder, President and CEO of Vision For Children in Liberia ( VCIL). Growing up poor in Liberia, striving for the privilege of getting an education, he graduated from the St. Francis High School with honors and dreamed of coming to the United States.  When he was awarded  that opportunity through the U.S Diversity Visa  Lottery program, many Bronx Kids at I.S. 217 middle school were the winners.  Once in... Read more

The Annual cultural evening aims to celebrate cultural diversity

By :       Bazona Barnabe Bado

The 8th Annual Cultural Evening was held on June 1st , 2018 in the premises of Public School 4 (P.S.4) in Manhattan. This annual event, which brought West African artists to perform and share African Cultures, was organized by USA – Mali Charitable Association of New York in partnership with P.S. 4 and Malian Cultural Center. “We organized each year the cultural evening to give the opportunity to kids to learn African cultures,” Assetou Sy/ Traore president of USA – Mali Charitable Association of New York said. Teachers, students, parents, including authorities from New York were there enjoying students dancing African dances,  and speaking French, and  hearing African music. [caption id="attachment_1013" align="aligncenter" width="4272"] Sy family[/caption] It was P.S. 4 “After School” Latino students who first and  one by one came to the platform speaking in French and English what they want to be when they grow up. “You are Africans... Read more

African Advisory Council:  “There was so much violence against our community.”  

By :  Bazona Barnabe  Bado

  Mory Kouyate is a Chairman of  African Advisory Council . We have  met with him to talk about the African Advisory Council. Who is Mory Kouyate? Mory Kouyate  ( MK): I am from Guinea Conakry. I came to the US in 1997. I attended high school here and I have a bachelor’s degree in political Science from CUNY ( City University of New York), York College. From 2014 to 2016 I served as the community Liaison of the African advisory Council of the Bronx Borough President. I was also Vice Chair from 2016 to 2017. In December 2017, I was elected by the African community in the Bronx as the Chairman for 2 years. I have been married for 2 years and I have a daughter.   As a chairman of African Advisory Council, tell us about the goal ( s ) of African Advisory Council?  MK : Our aims... Read more

Oils for body: When names matter

By : Barnabé Bazona Bado

Like loincloths in Africa, oils for body in the streets of Harlem compete in term of names or label. Name it and sell it: a motto etched in mind of oil’s vendors. Either in a store or on a street, a gaze on a row of oil bottles proves that names matter to do business. From celebrities – Obama, Paris Hilton, Michael Jordan, Kim Kardhasian, – to lewd names such as “lick me all over” or “kiss me all over,” the choice is about brand or taste. The New York Times Magazine wrote: “The hot word in the field of sales . . . is brand.” Body oils, fragrances, or perfumes oils – no confusion, it the same type of oils – are used in general for their scent. However, beyond that perfumery purpose, most people focus on the brand name. “Black people create Obama, they don’t like smell, they... Read more

Burkina Faso community in New York has celebrated Woman Day

By : Barnabé Bazona Bado

Burkina Faso community in New York has celebrated in April 21, 2018 the Woman Day in the Bronx. Saran Serémé who is the “Mediateur du Faso” ( Mediator of Faso) flew to New York to commemorate that day with the community. Three well known musicians (Idak Bassave, Aly Verhutey, and Floby) from Burkina Faso was there to sing and dance with the community. It was a big party. Here are some images. [gallery size="large" link="file" ids="726,725,724,723,722,721,720,719,718,717,716,715,714,713"] Read more

What Pastor Mamadou Karambiri said about homosexuality

By : Barnabé Bazona Bado

Born into a Muslim family and grew up studying the Quran, nothing in his earliest life foretold that a young man named Mamadou Karambiri will become a christian, a Pastor or Minister of God. Yes, he did. “I did not change a religion, I became a new creature; I was born again,” he said when he was asked why did he change a religion? Pastor Mamadou Karambiri 71, is a prominent evangelical figure. He is well known not only in Burkina Faso his native country, but also all over the world where he very often travels to spread the word of God. He has been listed in 2010 by a French mainstream christian newspaper, “La Croix” as one of the ten voices “that counts in the evangelical’s planet.” Graduated in 1975 from University of Toulouse in France with a PhD in economics studies, Karambiri decided to go back to Burkina... Read more