Child support: What do you need to know about it?

The African Immigrants’ Commission of NY & CT has organized  on July 29, 2020 a zoom’s workshop on child support/ paternity.

“Child support is a payment one parent makes to another parent,” said  Oliver Brewster  lawyer at Brewster Law. If you are a parent who is paying a child support, it is good to know that you will do so until the kid is 21  years  old. However, and according to Mr. Oliver, if the child is emancipated before he or she gets 21 years old, child support payment can be dropped. For instance, a child who get married before 21 years old is emancipated.

For Mr. Oliver, the family court is the jurisdiction that deals with child support. It is the family court that can decide how much a parent needs to pay to another by taking  consideration of both parents’ income.

The family court can also intervene in case a parent fails to pay the child support by seizing for example a bank account, taking paycheck from work, refusing to renew a driver license.

Mr. Oliver has also indicated that a child support can be modified. And this is possible when there is change in circumstances such as  child illness,  job situation, etc.

The benefice of child support is that it allows child visitation, and one parent has to consult other parent for any decision regarding the child.


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