City Council District 16: African Journal has chosen its Candidate

New Yorkers will choose on June 22, 2021, a new Mayor, Comptroller, four Borough Presidents, and two – thirds of City Council positions. Over 400 candidates are running. Among those candidates they are Africans who are running for example in the Bronx for City Council positions.

One of the goals of The African Journal is to see our brothers and sisters succeed in anything they will embrace. We are proud that we have Africans who are running to be elected officials in New York. For City Council district 16 in the Bronx, two young Africans are running for the same position.

Our readers wanted to know for whom candidate we stand for?   When we decided to run this news outlet three years ago, we let people know that we embrace unity not the opposite. We hate division and we censure it. Our vision did not change, and it will remain the same as long as the newspaper exists.

We are a minority group, and we cannot succeed if we cannot come together as one community. It is insane to have two brothers from the same country running for the same position for the same district. For that simple reason, we are out. As a news outlet, we support none of them.

Our readers are free to choose the best candidate if they want. When you vote, just keep in mind that you are electing leaders who will make decision about where hospitals, schools, and parks are built; how we keep our communities safe; how we support renters; and how New Yorkers recovers from the Covid – 19 pandemic. And also, just remember that you need a true leader who can listen to you and bring help in time of struggle and need. We wish both of them the best.

Bazona Barnabe Bado












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