City Council District 16 elections in the Bronx: Many Africans are running, and  the winner is ?

Goodbye New York City 2020  primary elections ! Let’s welcome now New York City 2021 elections as the attention is focused on the  upcoming  City mayoral  and council elections with several Africans running for City Council member seats all over the City. The Bronx seems to have more Africans who are already  campaigning as potential candidates. The battle to occupy  the single seat in the district 16 in the Bronx  will be intense and tough as more than three Africans without considering other candidates from other community groups,  who are running for the same seat.

I can say that is a good sign for African community in general, which has begun to understand that it needs to get involved by all means in politics instead of letting other people to speak for them, take decision for them, and do everything for them. However, we need unity to achieve our goal and fulfill our dream.

 Let me say it  overtly that we will badly loose in the district 16 if more than three Africans are running for the same seat. A lost will not be a failure for an individual but a chaos for the all community. The only thing that will prevent that to happen is when we will put our differences and  personal interests aside, and come together as a one single person, and one continent; and when we will stop talking about North Africa, South Africa, West Africa, Est Africa, and Central Africa.

I am not telling you that is going to be easy and  happening overnight.  We are both lucky and unlucky to come from a continent full of very diverse people that speaking multitude of languages. Although there are good things in that diversity as it constitutes the essence and the beauty of Africa, it is also a factor of division.

What I am saying is that despite those handicaps African people are known to be people of Dialogue. And through dialogue we always come to a consensus. I know in New York we have  almost lost trust in each other. Recent events in our community have contribute to deepen that lost of confidence. However, there is still hope.  Our community is full of  leaders who can bring us together.

So, let’s forgive each other, let’s love each other, let’s talk to  each other, and let’s be together; this is the  only way we can succeed. For the election for  council member in the district 16, I have a proposal: Let’s find   a framework for holding primary elections in the African Diaspora in New York which will allow us to elect one candidate to represent the African diaspora, and which candidate we will all support.

If we really love our continent, if we are really fighting for the future generation and  for our children,  let’s do that.

Bazona Barnabe Bado



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