End of year giveaways: USA – Mali Charitable Association put a smile in the faces of several students

More than one hundred students from school PS 125 in Harlem enjoyed an end of year giveaways in December 16, 2018, thanks to USA – Mali Charitable Association of NYC.

“We do that every year for students to make them feel happy as we enter in a new year,” said Assetou Sy Founder and Executive Director of USA – Mali Charitable Association of NYC.

Students from Pre-K to 5th grade received toys, books, and enjoyed food. They also danced as an artist from Burkina Faso (West Africa) was playing a drum and welcomed Santa as he entered in the room with his red costume and his face hid in a white and abundant beard.

 “This is about giving, sharing with family, and coming together as a community,” said Reginald Higgins the Principal of PS 125, and who added that “kids do not live always happy, and this is a joy time.”

Mrs. Sy is very grateful to Council member Mark Levine and the West Harlem Development for their support and partnership.   

The ceremony started at 5: 30 pm and ended at 7:00 pm as students left the school with broad smile in their faces.

USA – Mali Charitable Association is a nonprofit organization, which “offers a multiple of free services to community groups  in New York City. The group also champions international causes such as the end of the practice of female genital mutilation overseas and here in America.” It has been also committed itself to culture and education.

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