Ethnic and community media roundtable with New York city mayor Eric Adams who is proud of what he has done so far.

The Mayor of the City of New York Eric Adams has held on December 22, 2023, a year – end ethnic and community media roundtable to discuss topics that related to the community.

As 2023 is about to eclipse and 2024’ sun is about to rise soon on the horizon, Mayor Eric Adams has found necessary to have a face-to-face meeting with reporters and journalists from community – based outlets. Immigration crisis, education, budget cut, public safety …, are some topics that were discussed.

Since April 2023 New York City has started getting more and more immigrants from all over the world. “We had 150,000, 1.5 the size of Albany. A new city moved into our city,” said Mayor Adams who has been complaining that Biden’s administration and the congress are not doing enough to support New York City. However, according to the mayor “57 percent we were able to stabilize. 80 percent of those we gave the 30‑day rule went on to stabilize their lives.”  “We are going to continue to advocate for people who come for American dream and giving them the services, they need to pursue American dream.”

When the mayor was asked to tell the public one thing, he was proud of it, he did not give a single thing. He listed a range of things he did: “ I worked crime moving in the right direction, our city is coming back to prosperity, tourists are coming back to the city, we make the city safe.” When he met the press during his weekly face to face meeting with reporters, he put all those things that way: “ Look at the indicators: AA bond rating, more jobs, private sector jobs in the history of this city, 26 decrease in shootings, 12 percent decrease in homicides, five of the seven major crime categories are down. Major companies are coming here, delivering money for teachers, 90 percent of our union’s contracts settled, 100 percent of the uniformed union contracts are settled.”

One thing the mayor regrets is the migrant’s crisis, which according to the mayor has impacted the city in different ways.

Talking about the budget cut that also related to firing freeze, the mayor said :  “The hiring freeze is because we have financial problem that is coming from the cost of the asylum seekers and the migrants.” There is indeed, 70 billion deficits.

Living in New York city is expensive. That was a concern of one of the reporters. The mayor agreed with that. “Everything is going up, water, electricity, heat,” he said. “We do not have money and every agency is going to be impacted.”  At the same time the mayor has explained what has been done to alleviate people’s financial burden. Among things that have been done are the reform in childcare as parents are now paying less, the fair fares that help low – income New Yorkers to save 50% on public transportation including subway fares, and Access – A- ride paratransit trips.

In sum the mayor is satisfied with what he has done so far. “We have done much more than any other mayor,” he said.

 Bazona Barnabe Bado





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