Fundraising : “Women and Girls Empowerment” is giving hope to women and girls with disabilities

By :  Bazona Barnabé  Bado et Moustapha Diaoune

“Women and Girls Empowerment” organized  in July 7, 2018  its  first annual fundraising event in the Bronx under the theme: “ Giving hope to women with disabilities in Cameroon.”

Many guests were invited and one of them,  Mrs. Sefakor Komabu – Pomeyie, Founder & president of “Enlightening & Empowering people of disabilities in Africa,” gave a powerful and emotional speech.

“She is going to give hope to girls with disabilities,” said Edwige Samu, president and founder  of “ Women and Girls Empowerment,” who expressed her gratefulness to all those who have came to honor these women and girls who live with disabilities.

Mrs. Sefakor Komabu 43,  entered in the room in a wheelchair  as people stood up, Applauded , danced, to  welcome her. “ I am a living testimony that a child with a disability has a possibility to succeed,” she said.

 Sefakor ’story  is a long journey, which finally pays off. “ I could run, dance, and jump,” she said. She was 8 – years – old  energetic girl.  Then she was struck by a disease called poliomyelitis, which paralyzed one of her legs. She also fell   from a third floor and the other leg was damaged. She was forced to move  in a wheelchair. “The only strength I had was my mother,” she said. “ She told me I was created to the image of God.” Not only her mother encouraged her to rely on God but also gave her  the secret to succeed. “ If you study hard you would add value to yourself,” her mother said. 

What her mother said was a concrete truth as Sefakor who speaks fluently English and French graduated with a master’s degree in policy analysis. She will graduate next year with a PH . D.  She encouraged people to give for the cause of these women and girls who live with disabilities. “ When you give, think about another Sefakor in a wheelchair,” she said. That night  She was celebrated her fifteen years anniversary of her marriage but was mourning at the same time the death of her beloved mother in Ghana.

“I have learned a lot from you, you did a great job,” said Ms. Yiling Li of UNESCO Association of New York and President of Fashion Show.

Then it was the turn of Mrs. Mbaheu Mekomou Odette , president of Women and Girl Empowerment in Cameroon to plead for the cause  of women and girls who live with disabilities.

Mory Kouyate, Chairman of African Advisory Council ( AAC ), Ambroise Ngande community leader and AAC member, Ramatu Ahmed, Executive Director, Federation of African Muslim Women in USA, Dr Osudji Hadiza, founder of Africa International Collaboration Center ( AICC), individually encouraged  and supported in their speech Edwige for her initiative.  

                       Dr.  Marie Claudine   Mukamabano

There was someone there who made us smile, dance, and give. Her name: Dr. Marie Claudine   Mukamabano, a talented and energetic woman, who was the mistress of the ceremony ( MC ). Mult-talented artist and actress, Ms. Claudine is the founder of “Kuki Ndiho Foundation : Why Do I Exist”. CNN Hero nominee, and New “MISS GLOBAL PEACE 2017,”  she is available for: consulting and coaching speaking at your next events, seminars, workshops, and churches services. Do you want to travel anywhere in Africa? Contact also Marie Claudine who oversees sales and marketing in Africa for ABS Travel Inc.

The mission of “Women and Girls Empowerment” is  “to improve women and girls socio – economic living conditions by providing health and education quality services.” It also “works to reduce the barriers women, girls, orphans, and women with disability face in the society in these modern days.”














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