George Floyd : Thousands protesters clashed with police in Harlem and many were arrested

Protesters took the streets this morning in Harlem and across New York City to demand justice for George Floyd.

A group called Harlem’s Solidarity for George Floyd has initiated a peaceful march and thousands gathered at 125 Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard defying social distance restrictions as protesters clashed with the police and many were arrested.

“Justice for George Floyd, Black lives matter, we can’t breathe, no justice no peace, NYPD police suck my d…” protesters chanted.

Protesters  led by three leaders blocked for awhile 125 street and 7th avenue before they  walked down to 111 street. They took 111 street down to FDR Drive, but they came across with several police officers  at Madison avenue where police officers with bicycles and motorcycles blocked both the avenue and the street. Protesters stopped to think about what to do. They were those who said to find another way and those who said to defy the police officers. They finally decided to defy  them. They came face to face with police officers who stayed still.  There was among police officers one black  police officer. Three people got angry and yelled at him: “ You are on the wrong side,” they said. “You do that for money.”

Protesters finally decided  to go down on 110 street and came across again at 1st avenue with police officers who barricaded the avenue. And protesters took the Highway ( FDR Drive) where they clashed again with police officers as a helicopter hovered overhead. They forced their way as police officers were powerless to contain the crowd.

They were now the only masters of the road and they walked down to 96 street where police officers blocked the highway with vehicles, motorbikes, and bicycles. Protesters were trapped between the Harlem river and 1st avenue. Many of them  including two leaders were arrested.

The main leader who wore  a black T – shirt with a Nazi symbolism, managed  to scape.  He reorganized the crowd at 90 street and 1st avenue. “ We are going to make sure they ( police officers) know about theirs actions,” he said. “Amen brother,” protesters said.

They then walked down to 86 street where they took Q train to Union Square ( 14 street) where another group of protesters hold a meeting. Together they demanded justice for George Floyd and chanted slogans against police policers.

George Floyd was a black man who died in police custody, after Derek Chauvin, a police officer  knelt on his neck on a Minneapolis street.

Bazona Barnabe Bado


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