Guineans Succeeding in America (GSA)  has honored 2019’s  Guinean graduate students

Students from Guinean community in the USA and  who graduated in 2019 had a broad smile in their face in July 13, 2019 as they sat side by side to celebrate their success. Thank to Guineans Succeeding in America ( GSA), which has initiated the gathering.

“We come together as one community to support each other,”  Asuma Jalloh president of GSA said. According to Ms. Jalloh education is a key to succeed and this meeting is to convey a message to those who graduated as well as those who are still in school that “we need to do more.”

Several other people from Guinean community and from different professional backgrounds have  come to the gathering, which  was also about to promote and honor  2019’s  Guinean graduate students, not only to support the newly graduated, but also to give them advices they need to cope with the challenges they may face in the real world and in different levels.

“You need to learn how to organize yourselves and take advantages of any opportunity,” said Abdourahmane Diallo  the Baruch College’s first Schwarzman Scholar, founder and former president of GSA. He has also  encouraged students to be civically engaged  and be strong. “ If we are not strong here we cannot provide help back home,” he said.

Students who graduated have had the opportunity to hear theirs elders telling their professional experiences. Among them Madina Toure journalist at Politico, who  told her story as a journalist of color at Politico. There was  also Mariama A. Barry  this young lady with two kids  who was able to navigate challenges, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Earth and Atmospheric Science from the City College of New York (CCNY)  and got a full-time job. She is an Environmental Geologist working for an environmental consulting company in New York.

 Many other people  spoke either to congratulate the graduate students or to advise and encourage them. They come from Washington DC, Canada and other localities.

GSA is an umbrella – organization that regroups other organizations such as Guinean graduates, Guinean Students Association of the United States, Each One Lift One.

Bazona Barnabe Bado  




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  1. Congratulations to Guinea Gentleman,
    who initied this event.
    The event has a lot meaning for our kids who study in the Country.
    They need to be encouraged, because he’s not easy for most of them.
    English is not their first language.
    I take this opportunity to congratulate 2019 all Africans Students.
    ” YES, U MADE IT”.
    We proud of you.
    God bless you .

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