“Hope For Desperate Hearts” has celebrated its tenth anniversary with this in mind: Improving the living conditions of disadvantaged populations

The non-for-profit organization “Hope For Desperate Hearts” has  celebrated on November 12, 2022 in New York, Manhattan its tenth anniversary.

Several guests and donors have come together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of an organization that cares about disadvantaged populations not only in Burkina Faso but also in the United States of America.

Hope For Desperate Hearts works to improve the lives of disadvantaged populations in Burkina Faso and supports the African community in New York,” said Ms. Barkissa Dabire Barro, founder and executive director of Hope For Desperate Hearts.

According to the president of  the Board of Directors, Angie O’Reilly, “Burkina Faso is in immense need.” Hope For Desperate Hearts  has indeed decided to meet the  need of disadvantaged populations  in Burkina Faso. Women, children, young people, etc., are getting the help they need from the organization.

In 2021 alone, a total of 60 widows benefited in Burkina Faso from the help of the organization, which also intervenes in entrepreneurship regarding small businesses, in training in education, and employment. 11 women also got assistance from the organization to start their own small business.   100 students were entitled to school supplies.

Hope For Desperate Hearts also intervenes in the USA, particularly in New York where it regularly intervenes in churches, mosques, and African associations.

The president of the Burkinabe Association of New York Hermane Somé has expressed his gratitude to  “Hope For Desperate Hearts”. He praised its merits and said that the organization was present during the covid 19 pandemic by giving food to those in need, and provided for the needs of children during the Christmas period.

To the donors he said : “By supporting her (the founder),  you support us. ”

Board , Allie Haake, Beatriz de Lello, Bethany Duthie, and Elizabeth Pirraglia have individually thanked donors and explained the work “Hope For Desperate Hearts” is done not only in Burkina Faso which is one of the world’s highest levels of food insecurity and lowest literacy rates, but also in New York.

 Hope For Desperate Hearts   believes in what it said in the Bible : “… Truly, I say to you, inasmuch as you have done this to one of his least of my brothers, you have done it to me.”  In other words, giving to others is giving to God. When you give to Hope For Desperate Hearts, don’t worry you gift will go straight to those who are in need.

Bazona Barnabe Bado

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