Media: The African Journal was the guest of Zeno radio

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

 The African Journal your newspaper was in July 24, 2018  the guest of Zeno radio to debate the role of media in the community.

The debate was initiated by Dr. Marie Claudine Mukamabano and Randolph J. Thomas, and The African Journal was represented by Bazona Barnabe Bado and Mustapha Dioune who are respectively co- founder and editor – in – chief,  and co- founder and manager.

The debate, which took place in Manhattan lasted one hour.  We answered many questions such as “ why did you create a newspaper, why audience should advertise in The African Journal? What make The African Journal different than other newspapers?…

It was an opportunity for us to focus on our mission, which is “the freedom to tell our stories, the African’s stories, to educate our people in America as a community’ s newspaper, and to support in Africa our young democracies.”

 As a community newspaper we cover news stories ignored by the mainstream media such as baptisms,  wedding, funerals …  We cover any local event. When we, as immigrant communities are laughing and enjoying our lives, the mainstream media in general do not care. The African Journal does. When we, as immigrant communities are crying, the mainstream media cover the sensational. The African Journal is always there to support African immigrant communities both in time of bliss and pain.

Another big difference is that  The African Journal is the only community newspaper, which is bilingual ( English and French) in New York.  Through our news stories we educate African communities how to live in a country that does not have the same culture. We also focus on the role of parents as they are struggling to cope with their kids. That kids’  education is not only in school, but also and more importantly at home.

Advertising in The African Journal is benefic as we reach out many African immigrants in New York through our printed newspaper and online version. We reach out those who speak English as well as those who speak French.

Zeno radio is one of the most listened radios in New York , and The African Journal is grateful to that radio that opens his door for us. The African Journal will keep committing  itself to the African communities.




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