New York State senator Cordell Cleare  sworn – in : I will take you to Albany, she said

New State senator Cordell Cleare ‘ swearing – in ceremony took place on Sunday, April 23, 2023 at Wadleigh School for the performing arts and visual arts auditorium in Harlem. The chief judge of New York State Court of Appeals, the honorable Rowan Wilson has administered the oath of office to senator Cordell Cleare before several guests and constituents.

Senator Cleare who represents  the 30th district in the  State of  New York, which includes Central Harlem, East Harlem, West Harlem, Upper West Side and Washington Heights, was so excited as she was swearing in. “ I am excited to share this special moment with the people who have entrusted me to be their voice in Albany,” Senator Cleare said. “ I am going to continue to be your voice. I will take you to Albany and advocate for you. When they will  talk about job, education, housing, etc., I will think about you.”

Senator Cordell Cleare

Senator Cleare ‘ swear – in ceremony took place  in the school she fought with others to keep it open when that school was about to be closed definitively. “ Senator Cordell Clear is a passionate advocate, it is not a surprise that voters send her to Albany,” U.S senator Charles Schumer said.

“ She is so disciplined, and, in every level, she has been there consistently,”  New York City Mayor Eric Adams said. “ She has been working hard for many years.”

Manhattan Brough President Mark Levine agrees with Mayor Adams. “ Senator Cordell Cleare has been doing this work for decades,” he said. “ She  continues  to fight, and she has a voice that no one can ignore; she uses it to advocate for affordable housing, and for reproductive rights.”

New York City public advocate Jumaane Williams also recalled that Senator Cleare “ has been fighting for very very longtime,” he said.

Mayor Eric Adams

Many other speakers including religious and community  leaders, assemblywomen and assemblymen, family members have intervened, and all agree that Senator Cordell Cleare is a fighter, and they talked about “ her energy, her passion and her compassion and that she advocates for all of us.”

U . S Senator Charles Schumer

As senator Cleare  took the oath with her hand on the Bible, Justice Rowan Wilson declared: “ Senator Cleare has demonstrated a remarkable dedication to public service, and her commitment to ensuring equality and justice for all is truly inspiring.”

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