New York : Second Annual Consulate Cup, Nigeria Versus Mexico ( 6 – 1)

New York City Football Clubs has hosted on Sunday October 15, 2023, at Sunset Park in Brooklyn the second annual consulate cup. Eighteen ( 18) teams from  New York City’s diplomatic community  have come together for the kickoff.

Yeah! 18 teams competed during a one-day tournament. Each team consists of 5 players with a minimum of  1 female and a maximum of 4 males on the field. And each team has played 5 games as each game lasted 12 minutes.

Each team has come with a conviction and determination to win. However, it will be one winner.

Paul Jeffries Executive Director New York City Football Clubs

After many games Nigeria, Peru, Mexico,  Switzerland, El Salvador, and Turkey eliminated  their adversaries and found themselves in quarterfinal. Switzerland beat Turkey after shootouts and Nigeria won 6 – 1 against El Salvador.

In Semifinal Mexico beat Peru and Nigeria Won 5 – 2 against Switzerland.

The final opposed Nigeria and Mexico. Nigeria beat Mexico 6 – 1.

Nigeria deserved his win over Mexico. The players have  fought hard and played in a collective way. A name to be remembered is  Lami Adamu the unique female player in the Nigeria team. It was very difficult to make difference between her and the male players. She scored goals in 4 games out of 5.

Nigeria is indeed the winner for the second annual consulate cup. It took over Burkina Faso who claimed last year the championship.

Lami Adamu

Ambroise Ngande  the  African Advisory Council social community chair is excited: “ We were well represented,” he said. “ We just proved we are united.” He added: “ This was a friendly match, and it went well.”

According to Paul Jeffries, executive director New York City Football Clubs Foundation “ the main goal of the tournament is to bring community together and to raise money to support New York City Football Clubs ‘ mission of making soccer more accessible to underserved youth across the five boroughs.”

Team Mexico

Teams that took part in the game were:  Nigeria, Angola, Mexico, Switzerland, Peru, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, El Salvador, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Panama, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United Stated of America.

 Bazona Barnabe Bado



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