Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation is fighting for Women and girl-child the most vulnerable in the society

Attorney Eunice Ukwuani is the Founder and the President of Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation, which is a non – governmental organization that champions  girl-child and women/children with disabilities. Let’s meet Ms. Ukwuani and her organization.

African Journal ( AJ): Can you  introduce yourselves to our readers?

Eunice Ukwuani (EU): My name is Eunice Ukwuani, an Attorney and Founder/President of Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation (PEUF). A lawyer by profession and I also studied Public Administration. 

AJ:  Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation (PEUF) is a Non-For-Profit Organization you found in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. What is the main goal of PEUF?

EU : PEUF is a non-governmental organization that caters for the needs of the girl-child and women/children with disabilities in Africa and around the world. It is basically founded to cater for education needs of the vulnerable children that are affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

AJ:  PEUF has been very active not only in the United State of America but also in Nigeria. Please tell us the various activities you have organized either in the U.S or in Nigeria?

EU : We are able to donate PPE materials, face masks and hand sanitizers to hospitals in Nigeria and USA in order to help in the fight against covid19. We also give out cash, gifts and food items as palliatives to some disability community in Abuja and Edo state in Nigeria to cushion the effects of  covid-19 on the vulnerable. We gave out medical masks and also gloves to the streets of New York in April during the pandemic with my brother who is our foundation (Head Doctor). He is a doctor at the NYU Hospital. My mom who is a nurse also joined our New York giveaway. 

AJ:  PEUF is advocating for people with disabilities with more focus on girl–child. Why do you choose to focus your attention on girl-child?

EU : Women and girl-child are the most vulnerable in the society and are been neglected in various countries in the world especially in Africa where culture does not give them equal rights with boys which leads them to early marriage. As the founder of the organization, it is my duty to lead the girl-child to a whole new world of courage to know that they can do or become whatever they wish to be. I want to empower them instead of only feeding them or give them money. They have to stand in their own and have their own businesses. Too many girl-child/women in Africa are suffering which can force them into prostitution, child trafficking and so on. So, leaders like me decided to step in. I spoke with one of the former Governors in Nigeria and his Currently the Minister of Labor about it and my team in Africa will go and meet with him for discussions. My type of leadership is not to talk, but it is about action and anyone who knows me will tell you that I like people that surrounds me to act just like me so that together we can make our world a better place. President Obama once said, “Yes We Can” and I believe we can achieve anything we want to achieve.

AJ:  Several organizations like yours get funding for their activities. How do you get money for your activities?

EU :  Self-funded and little donations from friend’s family members. During the COVID19 pandemic, I sent my own personal money to my team in Africa to go and give out to the poor communities in Edo State communities and also in poor areas in Abuja Nigeria. I instructed them to giveaway both in cash and food items as well as you can see all the proof in your WhatsApp of the videos and pictures of our activities in both New York and in Nigeria.

AJ: Who are your partners?

EU : Lotus Initiative for the Blind(LIB)/ National Disability Empowerment Forum(NADEF) for now. Seeking for more support because I cannot do it alone. 

AJ:  Are there difficulties that hinder you from doing your activities smoothly?

 EU : Our major challenge is finance because we have lots of projects and assistance, we want to lender to this vulnerable group. We are calling on good spirited individuals, organizations, Religious groups, etc. to come to our aid so that we can accomplish this noble task and help to eradicate poverty and suffering from this group.  

AJ :  How can you make a difference amid other foundations or organizations?

EU : We are reaching out to the grassroot especially in Africa where this groups of people suffer most and are been neglected because of their conditions in order to eradicate the problem from the grassroots not from the surface. So, we started with Africa and then to Haiti and other parts of the world that needs one type of help.

AJ : Do you have anything else to add after what you have said?

EU:  We have intentions of building rehabilitation centers, Schools and providing scholarship to girl-child education by buying books, bags, school uniforms, pay their school fees, etc. The rehabilitation centers will have skill acquisition center and assertive technology center where the disabled people will learn one skill or the other and learn how to live independently rather than depending on others or result in begging in the streets.

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By:  Bazona Barnabe Bado

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