Ramadan: The Bronx Borough president Vanessa L. Gibson has celebrated Iftar diner with Muslim community

The Bronx Borough president Vanessa L. Gibson has hosted on April 13, 2023, in Bronx borough hall her first annual Iftar Ramadan diner that brought together Bronx Muslim community in all its diversity.

“ It is great to come together to celebrate Iftar Ramadan diner and we are so proud to work for each other,” Vanessa L. Gibson said. Her words were echoed by David  Hamed Coulibaly, director of community services, office of Bronx Borough president Vanessa L. Gibson,  who said that “ we are here not only to break the bread but to also  celebrate diversity.”

The Bronx borough hall was indeed full of Muslim Americans in the Bronx, and they came from different community groups. And the Bronx Borough president said: “ I am proud to stand with Muslim community.”

Dr. Hammud Al Silwi has explained what the Ramadan is about it. “ Fasting is to treat others well and to stand for justice,” he said.  “ When you are fasting you must feed the poor and the needy and bring light to others,” he added.

The Iftar diner aimed to celebrate the end of the daily fast observed during the month of Ramadan and recognize the significant contributions made by Muslim Americans in the Bronx community.

During the event 9 people were honored and have received citations from The Bronx Borough president for what they are doing for the Muslim community. Here are the honorees: Dr. Hammud Al – Silwi, Imam Abul Kashen Eahea ( Bangla Bazar Jame Masjid), Imam Nedzad Avdovic ( Belmont Islamic center), Imam Alhassan Umar ( Darou Salam), Imam Omar Niass Mohammed Amen ( NYPD clergy outreach), 50th precinct CO Filastine Srour, Sister Kujegi Camara ( Fordham University), and Imam Mohamed Shaffied.

The Bronx Borough president was also honored as  her honoree gift was given to her by Ibrahim Lawson Fofana founder of Ibrahim Lawson Fofana Charity Foundation. “ Vanessa is one the best leaders of the city,” Mr. Fofana said.

“ Celebrating Muslim community is important,” pointed out The Bronx Borough president who concluded: “ Don’t let anyone tell you that Bronx is not beautiful. We are agents of change.”

Bazona Barnabe Bado


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