Rashad McCrorey the American who fell in love with Ghana

Born and raised in New York ( Harlem), Rashad McCrorey never thought that one day he will leave the great  New York with all the billboards, television anchors, actors, business owners, etc. and end up in Ghana in West Africa  not only to visit that part of Africa but also to stay there forever, thanks to “ Africa Cross – Culture,” a tour company he owns.

Yeah!  Mr. Rashad has fell in love with Ghana: “I  appreciate the sense of community in Africa. America and Western civilization are so individualistic. I love the sense of community and family in  Ghana and in many of the other African countries I have visited,” he said.  

The journey of Mr. Rashad almost started with the outbreak of  COVID – 19. He has been in Ghana since Feb. 27 due to a tour trip he has organized. Ghana  President Nana Akufo-Addo  has closed on Mars. 13,  Ghana’s  borders as COVID  – 19 hits hard the country. Mr. Rashad and many others found themselves stranded in Ghana. “I haven’t been stranded for a long time. Our country has sent several repatriation flights since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Mr. Rashad for whom Ghana is a dream comes true.

He has realized that Africa and specifically Ghana is one of  the best  places  in the world to do business. He has been operating  for many years his company –  “African  Cross – Culture” from America. He has now decided to operate it remotely  from abroad. “Working out of Ghana for the last 6 months, it  is the first time I have been operating out  of the continent and one of the countries my service actually provides,”  Mr. Rashad explains.

 “African  Cross – Culture” is indeed a tourism company, which tours the African countries of Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda. The travels have been featured by news organizations  such as CNN, ABC News, Forbes Magazine, and  Forbes Africa.

The company  has its own story. Everything began  when Mr. Rashad was working on a Master’s degree in Theology. “Part of the graduation requirements was a course called the cross-culture course,” he said. As a student, Mr. Rashad has to choose between several countries around the world to study and participate in what they called a cultural exchange. And Africa etched in his mind. “In all, Africa Cross-Culture is just a tribute to the name of the course in school which made a pathway to my first ever trip to the continent,” he added.

When we ask Mr. Rashad if there are some criteria to  select countries, he simply responds: “I let opportunity select our countries operation. I may have met a celebrity from the country, want to explore a national holiday, learn about the history of the country and believe it would be a great experience for a Black American audience. There is really no formula.”

Some  African – Americans who never travel to Africa has a weird opinion of Africa because of what they have been watching on televisions, reading  on newspapers, and hearing from other people. This is not the case for Mr. Rashad. He is very lucky to have a father who teaches him the truth about Africa. “ I’ve been blessed that my father taught me a lot about African culture, history, and tradition when I was a child. He himself who had never been to Africa, always expressed the importance not believing in propaganda and stereotypes,” he said.

Mr. Rashad feels good in Ghana and has the feeling to be home. Here is his answer when ask about the difference of life between USA and Africa (Ghana):  “In America many of times our role models and what we consider success are only portrayed as in Athletes, Musicians or Actors. In Ghana all the teachers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, hawkers, entertainers, etc. all look like me.”

Mr. Rashad is a single man. When we ask him if  he wants to marry an African woman who knows nothing about USA, he said: “ I don’t know if I want to marry a celebrity, a career/ educated working lady with her own life and priorities, bring my wife into my business and venture as a partner, or village, traditional woman who would just bless my home, take care of me and focus on raising my children. It actually something I’m praying on regularly to make the right decision.”

For now, one of his desires is  to have his own land in Ghana and  asks all who read this  article to follow him  and contact him on Instagram www.instagram.com/rashad_mccrorey.

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