Summer in New York: Between making money and enjoying

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

After winter with its frigid weather, New Yorkers are enjoying the summer with its warmer and humid weather. It is also an opportunity to make money in several ways.

People are making money on street corners. In general street vendors in New York are those who are selling body oils, and clothes. In summer, the hot weather is a great opportunity for youth to sell water to drivers in some busy streets.  Some Women and aged people who do not have job sell also fresh water, juice, soda, fruits, and  ice cream on a corner of streets. Men with big vans occupy street corners to sell fruits, and vegetables.

The street’s businesses work  as vendors sell goods that are cheap. The same apple you buy for 50 cents on the street will cost you one dollar in a store. So many people prefer to buy fruits and vegetables on the streets than in the stores in summer.

Community groups also organize  barbecues in different parks around the city to welcome the summer.

New Yorkers have just 3 months to enjoy that beautiful weather. When summer will go with its sun and its warmer weather, spontaneous street vendors will disappear, and we will welcome winter again with its snow, rain, and more importantly its chilly weather that will force New Yorkers to wear coats and other warm clothes. For now, some  New Yorkers, women in particular,  enjoy these very short clothes that sound with sexual assault.

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