The African Empowerment Project : Actualize and institutionalize progress within the African diaspora

The African Empowerment Project, which was launched last year is striving to bring more helpful  resources to African community as it sets several goals to  fulfill its mission.

“We need to take  first care of ourselves here in America and then  think about those who are in our native countries,” said Abdourahamane Diallo  who initiates the project  as covid – 19  the unforgettable pandemic  hits merciless New York and the rest of the world.

The African Empowerment Project is indeed  “a collective effort of Africans who are determined to actualize and institutionalize progress within the diaspora in New York City.” Its four (4)  core goals match with its mission statement that “ aim to actualize and institutionalize progress within the African diaspora through initiatives that address political & socio-economic needs.”

Here are those goals:

  • Ensuring that all Africans participate in the census 2020. This will position our African community to unlock federal resources while securing fair representation at the local and state level. (Council and State legislature district lines are drawn based on Census data). How? A multi-pronged, campaign-style strategy in coordination with a broad range of stakeholders to proactively engage Africans from all walks of life.
  • Setting Voters Registration Drive to take advantage of the 2020 presidential elections to encourage ALL Africans in NYC area, who are eligible, to register to vote. For that reason, a plan to educate on importance of voting, ease voting by making it available and accessible is necessary.
  • Enhancing African Community Civic Engagement to encourage civic engagement within the African community through education and participation.
  • Voting for Abdourahamane Diallo for NY Council District 16. Abdourahamane is running for City Council District 16 in the Bronx, which covers the neighborhoods of Claremont, Concourse, Concourse Village, Highbridge, Morris Heights, Mount Eden and Morrisania. When elected, he will become the first African-born candidate in the New York State.

“Enhancing civic and political engagement in the African community in the City is the key,” to open doors,  said Mr. Abdourahamane .

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