The Forum for World Education will tackle issues related to global education system through debate

The Forum for World Education ( FWE ) is holding on June 30, 2020 a global webinar discussion on education at 2: 00 PM Eastern Daylight Time ( GMT – 4)  under the topic: “Education Disrupted, Education Rebuilt – How does the pandemic shape the future of education.”

The discussion will  not only focus on   issues related to education globally,  but also  on the impact of the covid – 19  pandemic on education systems worldwide as several panelists including  national leaders,  policymakers, leading education experts, scholars, private sector,  and foundation leaders are inviting.

The education system is said to be  at a crossroad. According to education experts, “Globally, education systems fail to prepare students with the skill sets that business leaders and their employees need.” Here are some statistics: In 2020, 54% of employers across 43 countries reported not being able to find the talent they need, a figure that has doubled in the last decade. 75% of human resources professionals having difficulty recruiting say that applicants lack relevant skills (Society for Human Resource Management). Only 43% of employers reported having confidence in the professionalism and work ethic of recent college graduates (National Association of Colleges and Employers

The Forum for World Education (FWE) is indeed  a new, non-profit organization whose mission is to transform education to equip new generations of students with the knowledge and skills to match a rapidly changing global economy.

The webinar will be host and moderated by New York Times Foreign Affairs columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Thomas Friedman.

Bazona Barnabe Bado



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