The Mayor Eric Adams press conference addressed subjects related to his phones ‘ seizure by the FBI, the war in Israel, the education…

The Mayor of New York Eric Adams has held on November 11, 2023, a press conference to speak about  “ many things” he and his team are facing right now in the city. The war between Israel and Hamas, the suspension of Amtrak train, the education, and the FBI agents ‘ raid on the home of the New York City mayor’s chief fundraiser , 25 –  year – old Brianna Suggs as well, are subjects that were discussed.

“ Something that’s really impacted me now is what’s happening on our streets every day. The incident that played out in Israel has really impacted this city. This is an international city and things that happen across the globe, they play out in the City of New York, even during the war in Ukraine,” said mayor Eric Adams as he talked about Israel war against Hamas. “ Since October 7th terrorist attacks, we have seen a dramatic increase in hate crimes against our Jewish and Muslim communities. Not only as physical assaults are up in these communities, but the terminology, many of you heard it, you covered it, you hear some of the worlds that are being hurled at individuals.”

These incidents have prompted the mayor to bring people such as  Jewish, Muslims, and Christians together with an ultimate goal to talk about peace in New York City. “ We are not going to solve the crisis in the Middle East, but we can solve the crisis that is playing out our street, and that is our focus and that is our goal,” he said.

Talking about the suspension of Amtrak train, the Mayor has promised that the services are going to be back online.

During his declaration,  the Mayor silenced  another incident regarding the seizure of the Mayor’s phones by  the FBI agents after their  raid on the home of his  chief fundraiser.

And a journalist to remind the Mayor: “ Last week you did not disclose, at this same briefing last Wednesday , that the FBI had seized some of your technology and then there was some additional technology you had to go back and give them.”

Here is the Mayor’s answer: “ First of all, last week my information was completely accurate on what I share with you. Accuracy is important … I cannot emphasize this enough and I am just going to continue. It takes a lot of discipline. This is an ongoing review . And as a former member of law enforcement, is always my belief, don’t interfere with an ongoing review and don’t try to do these reviews through the press.”

The Mayor was also asked about the budget cut, 250 school safety officers are not going to be hired…

“ It is going to be painful for New Yorkers, and that is why we continue to say we need help,” the Mayor said. “ But am I concerned that we are going to drop and make schools unsafe for our children ? I am never going to allow that to happen. But we are going to be straining at a very high level to get this done correctly.”

Bazona B. Bado

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