“They Devour” an African movie that tells Africans ‘stories from Gambia

The   premiere of a new movie “They Devour,” took place on January 21, 2024, at Regal Cinema Theater in Manhattan.

They were several moviegoers who converged to Regal Cinema Theater that Sunday evening to delight “They Devour,” a movie that tells a story, an African migrant ‘story.

A mother at age 15 decided to leave her lovely African country ( Gambia ) to experience a new life in another country where nobody know here.

The story takes place in New York where the mother starts her new life. She meets people in various places by day and by night:  restaurants, stores, streets, etc.  And every place tells its own story that becomes her story. We can see her falling in love for example with a man in a restaurant. Sometimes her relationship with some other people turns to a fight as she squeezed a collar of a young man.

Mariama Suwareh

The first episode ends with the death of a young man. He was shot to death on the street. If every actor in the movie is a devourer as “They all devour,” the sad end of the first episode foreshadows the second and third episode that will certainly tell stories that devour. 

“They Devour” itself is the struggles and nuances of every African who comes from Africa to live in New York the city that never sleeps.

Here are the actors who incarnate “They Devour:” Edra Shamberger, Cameroon Jackson, James CB Gray, Danny Constant, Charles Massey, Angela C Parker, Boluwatife Oluwo, Yinka Olagbegi, Racquel Mills, Anari Ramsey, Wanda Jackson, David Coulibaly, Christopher Ponds, Hamish Briggs.

In total twenty-five actors play in the movie. You will go to see those faces in the second and third episode.

“The second and the third episode will be soon,” said Mariama Suwareh, the executive producer  also known as Maya.

“Maya from Gambia is an excellent producer, and this is only part one,” said Robert Jackson who was at the movie theater.

Bazona Barnabe Bado


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