United Census 2020 recruitment campaign:  The African Advisory Council is playing a key role

The African Advisory Council ( AAC) of the Bronx has joined the 2020 Census nationwide recruitment campaign as it has organized in November 9, 2019  in the Bronx its own campaign to mobilize Bronxites to apply for the Job.

“This is my first time I am doing this, and I am glad that I apply, and I am grateful to African Advisory Council,” said Ms. Ouédraogo Zenabou as she was applied through a computer set by AAC.

A specialist was there to explain the process. Many people applied and those who did so, will receive a call in the next coming days for an interview after a background check.

A technical team was there too to help the applicants to fill out the application. “ Let’s do it here so we can help you,”  said one of the team members when I asked if applicants can apply through their own computer.

As the campaign  of recruitment is getting underway, we hope we will have an interview with the AAC chairman to explain why the 2020 census is so important in the Bronx.

Bazona Barnabe Bado




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