Women of Distinction Awards: Eight women will be honored in New York

By : Bazona Barnabé Bado

Women of Distinction Awards is one of the biggest event, which has been organized in New York for 14 years.  Eight women from different backgrounds and different countries will be honored in December 9, 2018. The ceremony will be held at Staten Island Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Staten Island . Emmanuel Randolph Wheagar who initiates the event, through this interview,  gives the details about this important event.

Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

My name is Emmanuel Randolph Wheagar, Founder and CEO of the 2nd Chance International Women of Distinction Magazine, the 2nd Chance Youth Empowerment Project, and the 2nd Chance Gospel Music Convention, Inc.

You are organizing in December 9, 2018 a big event called “International 2nd Chance, Women of Distinction Awards,” why do you decide to organize a such event and why it is called 2nd Chance?

I decided to organize this event in the early 2000’s to showcase the unsung female heroes, female leaders from the different parts of the world. Women were not given the proper recognition for their work. Secondly, we created this platform for younger girls to be inspired, witness, and emulate the good work our award recipients are doing to better the lives of others.

They are few women to be honored at this event. What are the criteria of selection?  

Our honorees are selected because of their humanitarian endeavors, their selfless act to humanity, their constant drive to make the world a better place for the disenfranchised, the poor, the hungry, and the forgotten.

How many people you expect to attend the event?

We anticipate a guest list of 150 + people to attend.

Is the first time the event has been organized? If yes do you want to make it an annual one?

This an annual event that was organized since 2004.

After “Women of Distinction” it would be the turn of “Men of Distinction” I guess?

We are still vetting the need to do a Men of Distinction Awards. We have been asked a few times. We do however, honor men during our Black History Month Celebration events for their services to their community.

By organizing this important event what is the specific message are you conveying?

The message is empowering women and telling them that their work to bring about relief has not gone unnoticed. Empowering young girls to follow the examples of footsteps of these successful women.

The rendezvous is indeed on December 9, 2018; what is your message for African Americans who want to attend this event?

African – Americans should think bigger than their dreams and work smarter than their bosses, start businesses, give to the need with the limited resources they may have. Do not return hate, stereotype, or decimation. Strive for perfection and be honest in all your dealings and you will Win. Come to the event with an open mind, dress to impress, and bring your smiles for our red carpets.

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